Wednesday, December 17, 2008

100 Things

This has been floating around and I finally had a chance to do it too! All I can say is read carefully.

1. Started your own blog
2. Slept under the stars
3. Played in a band
4. Visited Hawaii
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity
7. Been to Disneyland
8. Climbed a mountain
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo
11. Bungee jumped
12. Visited Paris
13. Watched a lightning storm at sea
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch
15. Adopted a child
16. Had food poisoning
17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
18. Grown your own vegetables
19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France
20. Slept on an overnight train
21. Had a pillow fight
22. Hitch hiked
23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill but I justify it as mental illness
24. Built a snow fort
25. Held a lamb
26. Gone skinny dipping
27. Run a Marathon
28. Ridden in a gondol a in Venice
29. Seen a total eclipse
30. Watched a sunrise or sunset

31. Hit a home run
32. Been on a cruise
33. Seen Niagara Falls in person
34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
35. Seen an Amish community
36. Taught yourself a new language
37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
39. Gone rock climbing
40. Seen Michelangelos David
41. Sung karaoke
42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant

44. Visited Africa
45. Walked on a beach by moonlight
46. Been transported in an ambulance
47. Had your portrait painted
48. Gone deep sea fishing
49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling - snorkel never scuba
52. Kissed in the rain
53.Played in the mud
54. Gone to a drive-in theater
55. Been in a movie
56. Visited the Great Wall of China
57. Started a business
58. Taken a martial arts class
59. Visited Russia
60. Served at a soup kitchen
61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies lots and lots and lots of them
62. Gone whale watching
63. Got flowers for no reason
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma
65. Gone sky diving
66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
67. Bounced a check - just recently and I was t-ed off
68. Flown in a helicopter
69. Saved a favorite childhood toy
70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
71. Eaten Caviar
72. Pieced a quilt
73. Stood in Times Square - this was awesome - they had shut down the street - wait I'll post the pic
74. Toured the Everglades
75. Been fired from a job
76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
77. Broken a bone
78. Been on a speeding motorcycle
79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
80. Published a book
81. Visited the Vatican
82. Bought a brand new car
83. Walked in Jerusalem
84. Had your picture in the newspaper
85. Read the entire Bible
86. Visited the White House
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
88. Had chickenpox
89. Saved someone’s life
90. Sat on a jury
91. Met someone famous - yes from Jenny McCarthy to a Supreme Court Justice
92. Joined a book club
93. Lost a loved one too many loved ones!
94. Had a baby - no but I plan to on June 4, 2009!!!
95. Seen the Alamo in person
96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake
97. Been involved in a law suit
98. Owned a cell phone
99. Been stung by a bee
100. Read an entire book in one day
Did you catch it? If so you better comment!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dear wonderful Friends and Family,

I thought I would share my holidy letter - since my cards still have not gone out - sad I know!

2008 has definately been a wonderful year for Ernie and me. Our most exciting news: We are expecting a BABY!!! We, along with all of the grandparents, are thrilled with the news. I am due on June 4th and we will get to find out whether we are buying little pink stuff or little blue stuff soon! So far, everything has gone very smoothly - I have had very little discomfort but I have been exhausted which accounts for the boring fall season.

I was busy with my scrapbooking friends in the beginning of the year including a trip to New York in March to attend a crop and hang with Susan and Catherine. About 2 weeks later in April, Ernie and I drove to Nashville (he on the Harley) the weather was TERRIBLE and cold. The best part was attending the American Country Music awards, we were on the floor and it was an experience. Ernie headed back and I spent four days at the Opryland Hotel scrappin with all my girlfriends. It was so great to see everyone.

The summer was filled with Beach, Bike, Birthday and BABY. I headed down to the beach to spend a weekend with my mom and her girlfriends and Ernie and I headed to the beach for the 4th of July. Bike - most weekends found us on the Harley taking trips here and there. Birthday - My birthday was in July. We finished up the summer by seeing Sugarland at the Sunday in the Country show in the VERY FRONT ROW. It was awesome. Little did we know, I was about 3 weeks pregnant on that day!

We, including Ernie's parents, spent Thanksgiving in New Jersey at my mom's house. It was a great visit. We plan to spend Christmas with each of our own parents - since it will be the last year as us being the kids.

As always keep in touch, be my friend on facebook.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, filled with much love and laughter that continues all through 2009.

Megan & Ernie

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cheap, frugal, careful, miserly

Call it what you will, but I am careful with my cash. I thought I would share some of my best info with my 4 blog readers.

1. The best extra savings online is through Mr. RebatesMr. Rebates - they offer a rebate from every website from avon to zappos. And if I refer you, I get a portion of your rebates. It truly adds up - I made about $100.00 this year. Sadly, Amazon is not represented nor is Gymboree. But tons of other stores are - 12% back from Snapfish!

2. Another thing I just realized is the ease of coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond. They take expired coupons and all within the same transaction you can use as many coupons as make sense for your order, including a 20% off any one item for every item you purchase. They have lots more online than in the actual stores.

3. Do you buy a lot of giftcards? Make it easy with the new Esteem Pass. One card works at 35 nationwide retailers including Bed Bath and Beyond and Old Navy and Marriott. If you decide to purchase, call Lisa Muniz and tell her I sent you and she will take great care of you. They started out being a corporate gift giving solution but they will work with everyone.

4. I personally have not tried but a fellow frugal friend uses it all the time and loves it. Essentially you get 10.00 GC for $3.00 and $25.00 GC for $10.00.

Feel free to comment and leave some tips and tricks for me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Over a week -

Hello blog reader - yes about a week has past and well there just not been any minitia that I have wanted to share. I thought I would check in and say hi, let you know all is well with me. I am looking forward to going to my mom's for the Thanksgiving holiday. She is hosted Ernie and his parents too - which is going to be a lot of fun. I have a couple of projects that I am working on and will share more once I have everything in place.
I leave you with this thought for Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A hard decision

A lot of people happen upon this blog in search of this blog - It is with great sadness in my heart that Brad passed away last night. His wonderful wife did everything (EVERYTHING) humanly possible to make sure that Brad received treatment and care and she suffered for 18 months on what to do. She had to make horrible decisions and carry out horrible wishes. I can't even begin to imagine the pain she is in or has been in.

I know that Brad is in a better place - I know that he would want his wife and children to move on and pick up the pieces - I know that love does not die!

But I also know that a lot of prayers are needed to get this family through this.

Good bye friend!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote - tomorrow - VOTE!

Tomorrow is a wonderful day for the history of our country - either party will be bringing something new and exciting to the White House!

My women friends especially - it was not until 1920 that women received the right to vote! Our grandmothers - ok maybe great grandmothers fought a long hard dirty battle for us to have the right. Do them proud tomorrow - don't take it for granted!!! No matter which party you choose - make your pretty little voice heard!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is an outrage!!!

Washington Post reveals that Tysons Corner Center has fired Santa! The real one! He has worked at this mall for 18 years and then poof - he is replaced despite a contract until the year 2012. What the Wahington Post does not mention but that you find out in the Washington Times is that he has hired a lawyer and a PR firm to get his job back and his money. Oh and he makes $175.00 an hour - the mall alleges that is 10x the going rate - that means someone is doing it for $17.50 an hour.

Wow - hard times are falling on everyone.

PS - I called the mall office to verify the story and spoke with Anna Northcutt - she vaguely said the story was true - she said they legally notified Santa that he was out of a job. The thing I forgot to tell her was "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Read the story here .

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'd rather not talk about it

I like to update my blog at least twice a week - once talking about the weekend and once talking about some random fascinating thing during the week. So my last update was Tuesday - here goes.

Tuesday, Wed, thursday - I worked, ate, slept all just great stuff.

Friday was terrible - it's work related. It's the state of our economy, our financial markets, blah blah blah related. But the matter is these are my friends that are affected - my really good friends, people I have known for years. People I will miss a lot - a lot.

Saturday and Sunday - I spent a lot of time in bed, just literally dreading today. We watched movies (nothing good), I read some, I stared out the window at the pretty fall weather.

and now today is here - and so am I. and the rest I just don't want to talk about

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend with my mom

Late Wednesday night, my mom called to see if I had plans for the weekend and would I like for her to come for the weekend. Her next door neighbor was coming to U of M to see her daughter - also named Meghan. My mom arrived about 8:00 or so Friday night. We unpacked her bags, she had brought down lots of fruits and veggies and groceries from New Jersey. Around 10, I was exhausted but my mom wasn't so I gave her a whole pile of books to read.

Saturday morning we were up and out early for a day of bargain shopping. There was a yard sale advertised in Bethesda for a clothes addict - there were a lot fof clothes and jewelry but unfortunately not quite anything for us. We hit a few more in Bethesda and then headed to Olney. I ended the yard sales with a christmas book (.10), the book tuesdays with morrie (.10), some new toiletries and such (17.00),

We then headed to Gaithersburg to go to a consignment shop that I had found on the internet. It was amazing - they had so much nice stuff - all good designers, all in perfect shape, and well all priced accordingly. They had the Louie bag that I have been dying for - it retails for $1000 for $650.00 - yes a good price but $650.00 is still more than my car payment. I did not end up purchasing anything from the store but I do intend to visit again. We hit another consignment shop that we stumbled upon by accident and I did get a Lilly P cardigan sweater in bright pink (will look adorable with my vera bradley pink pinwheel collection).

Back in Laurel, we went to my usual thrift store - it was packed both with people and with merchandise. I got a gorgeous cotton rayon sweater brand new with the theory tag still on it that says retail $195.00 for $6.98, some men's origins products, and a magazine. I normally go there on Monday's but I think I will have to go there through out the week. This was the store where I scored the Daring Book for Girls for $1.30. I know someone that works there and she says they don't put new stuff out on Sunday's and Mondays so a good day to go is Tuesday. And I swear when I say their merchandise is always changing.

We pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. My mom did me a huge favor and hemmed a pair of pants for me. Ernie went to the grocery store and got a great deal on steaks and cooked dinner for mom and me - which was a great treat.

My mom headed out about 3 on Sunday and I swear I laid on the couch the rest of the day.

It was a great weekend.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Shay Shay tagged me again! This time wanting to know 5 random things about me.

1. First, there is nothing random about me - my tongue does not touch my nose, my ears do not wiggle, I have not competed in any crazy contests, I am not in the Guiness Book of World Records, I have only been to - I am Randomly challenged.

2. Wait - I thought of something - about 5 years ago - I took a class to learn how to shoot a gun. You know in the movies where the girl fights and gets the gun away from the guy and then doesn't know what to do with it - I did not want to be that girl - so I learned a little about guns - not sure how much I remember.

3. I don't have cable (therefore no channels at all) at my house - I gave it up in March of 2007 and I have never looked back. I rent movies from Redbox, I can watch some TV shows on the internet - but it is on my terms - so one Saturday I might watch a whole season of a show while scrapbooking.

4. Twice in the last 5 years I have grown my hair over 10 inches with the purpose of cutting it and donating it to locks of love. It is not totally altruistic - I am really just lazy when it comes to getting hair cuts.

5. I participated in a colon cancer march in washington DC and walked 40 miles in 2 days raising over $3000 for colon cancer research - Ethan Zahn from Survivor also particpated. It was what my dad died of and I wanted to make a difference.

Wheh - it was hard work to think of stuff - I guess I will have to make it a goal to be more random!

I now tag Mel, Peg, Heather and anyone else that reads this and wants to share! Niki - your blog is already the defination of random!

PS - I remembered one more thing - I went to the Miss America Pagent one year in Atlantic City. It was the last year that it was televised. Our seats were way far away but it was cool to say that we did it once.

PPS - I have sat in the front row at a major concert at least 5 times, Tim McGraw, Madonna, Faith Hill/Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks, and Sugarland! Only madonna would not let me bring my camera.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My gazpacho recipe!

When I first got my kitchenaid blender/food processor gadget (which I love by the way) it came with a little recipe book. In there was a simple gazpacho recipe. Since tomotoes are plentiful in MD and NJ, gazpacho was a practical use. The thing I have learned through trial error and frustration is blenders need liquid in order to work properly - so you need to add tomotoe juice or V8 but if you aren't going to add that - for a thicker gazpacho then just make in the food processor.

Loosely - my recipe this time was tomotoes 3 large ones and ripe!, 1 cucumber (no skin) , 1 onion, 1 jalopeno, whirrred in the food processor. Then some oil (i have been using sesame oil lately for salads and such because pioneer woman told me too and she knows good cooking) and some wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and then the secret to all yummy cooking - Spike.

Do you know about Spike? Spike is an all natural seasoning that just makes everything more yummy - I use the salt free one. It is good on veggies, meats, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, and gazpacho!
The great thing about gazpacho is you can make as much or as little as you want and if you have other veggies you can add them too. I think carrots or celery would give it good crunch. Lots of people add green and red peppers but raw they don't agree with me that well.
Now this summer, I went to Jaleo, you know the tappas place in Bethesda and they do a gazpacho sampler platter of 4 of them, one was white and one was green, I can't remember the other two and they are strained so no chunks and that was not really my thing. But they have a whole bunch of other stuff that is really yummy. But the gazpachos were really pretty to look at.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Up and at 'em!

Good monday morning! Good weekend! Friday night (which right now seems days ago) I went to a Silpada party at my friend Robin's house. I had gotten the catalog a few weeks ago and marked all the pages of stuff I loved and had a tough time narrowing it down but finally decided on a pearl and black number - I think it will look great with my winter clothes! Ernie went to dinner with his parents - his Mom cooked at the Moose and he was a happy boy (he loves his momma's cooking - lucky for me she is always willing to share recipes!)

Saturday morning, he was up EARLY for work, so I got a good start on yard sales. I hit Piney Orchard Community sale and it was packed - with sellers and buyers! I only picked up a few things, this tin heart thing, some books. Next was over to Savage, where my friend Melissa was selling stuff at her church - well every church in Savage was having a sale so it took me a while to find her. Few things there, a DVD (Secondhand Lions - if you have never seen it - you should it is cute) and some picture frames I plan to alter. Last stop was a community sale in Laurel where I bombed - not one thing I needed. I came home, slept, read, ate and played on the computer. Ernie come home beat - to let him sleep - I went out to Savage Mills (needed to drop off a card for Patti), drugstore and groceries. Came home made dinner, relaxed and went to bed early.

Sunday, Ernie and I went to the farmers market and then the Columbia Mall - I have sort of fallen into a Vera Bradley thing. All my friends know I love pink and green - sbers know it is because of CE, and non sbers just think it is my own obsession. Well last year for my birthday I got a Vera Bradley bag (huge) in Pink Pinwheel from my boss (well actually his lovely wife picked it out for me) and a matching beach towel. My friend Luann had picked up the umbrella for me. So I thought well, I have this nice lovely set, I might as well get a small bag (you know to hold all the essentials that could get lost in the big bag. So I went to the mall yesterday to check out the pieces and picked up a cosmetic bag and the pocket folio - I loved it a pad of paper and a place for coupons - I plan to use it more for the slips of paper you pick up. But I really need to the wristlet - of course the store I was in did not have it. So now I have a small pink pinwheel Vera Bradley obsession. How cute will I look on a rainy day at the beach!

Last night I made gazpacho - I love gazpacho! I like mine with little bits of veggies - no straining for me. Also made a really good salad. And finished off the day with some raw cookie dough. Before I went to sleep, I was complaining my stomach hurt - then I thought of the crazy foods I had eaten all day and thought well no wonder!

Fun weekend - filled with fun shopping! And up early this morning - even washed two loads of clothes and cleaned up the kitchen. Of course I forgot to take dinner out of the freezer!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My summer reading list...

This summer I read 18 books! I think that is a lot. I always had a book going and I read just about every night. This was the summer I found Jodi Piccoult. I started the summer reading Change of Heart which was amazing. Also by Jodi I read Nineteen Minutes, Picture Perfect and Vanishing Acts - all good but not like Change of Heart.

I also read Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas Sparks - which I loved - it is a memoir and learning so much about a man that writes truly great love stories was so intriging. Which led to a whole Nicholas phase, Nights in Rodanthe (I did not even know that a movie was coming?), A Bend in the Road, & The Rescue.

It is not summer with out a few trashy ones - Pink Slip, How to Sleep with a Movie Star. Belly Laughs by jenny McCarthy - I wanted to love it because I have always liked her - I HATED IT. A little mystery with Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich.

One that was surprising was Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld - that a man could so clearly understand a young girls psyche - it was fascinating.

Another surprising author that I found and really enjoyed is Alexander McCall Smith with No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and The Kalahari Typing School for Men. The dialect was hard to understand but in the end I liked that I had to work a little harder to become absorbed in them.

One thought provoking one that I already blogged about was The Next Thing on My List. I finally read the five people you meet in heaven and found that soo interesting and so thought provoking.

I finished the summer with The Daring Book for Girls. If you have a 10 year old daughter get her this book - it is filled with information that every girl should know.

All of this reading has made me really want to join a Book Club - does anyone know of a book club looking for members or one that I could just try for a month? Does anyone else want to maybe start a Book Club?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A tag? Where? Who? Me?

I was tagged by Shannon the other day which was very sweet of her. I procrastinated replying cause I thought I had to do a whole bunch of html code etc - and well you don't - cut and paste and voila!

I am supposed to tag 7 more people. But I seriously follow 16 blogs - remember a couple of weeks ago I wanted something that would check blogs for updates and then let me know about updates. Well blogger evidently has that - I AM IN LOVE WITH IT AND WANT TO MARRY IT. It forces me to log in (and maybe even write something myself) and then I can see who else has updated.
I'll tag any blog that updates frequently and has photos - something I lack!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet and hear Mike Lipkin and his great motivational speech entitled One Life, One Meeting. The premise is improving how engaged you are in each meeting and elevating your listening with the goal being having everyone win and reach their goals.

The one question that was asked of me was "What percent of the time are you at your personal best?" I am pretty sure he said at work. I had described that time as enthusiastic. I thought about it - I was in the room with all of my co-workers and supervisors. My answer was less than 20%. Just one day a week. And how much of that time are you miserable. about the same and the rest I am just showing up. It was hard to admit that but harder to be dishonest. Mike (the speaker - were like that now - on first name basis) asked my co-workers if it were true and they agreed. That interaction has been on my mind the rest of the week.

People - always say what would you do if you knew you could not fail. Stay at home in my jammies sounds so pathetic?

The rest of his conversation (that's what it was - it was not a speech) was just as thought provoking. He had a way of drawing you out without you feeling as though you were on the spot. I highly recommend hearing Mike speak if you ever have the chance. And I leave you with this thought - "when the fire goes out, that is when the predators come in."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer of 08 - Goes out with a bang!!

So I finished off the summer of 08 with a great great weekend.

Friday - Ernie was due to work a 24 hour shift and I had lots of fun plans (keep reading) so Diesel went to his grandparents for the weekend! After work, I picked up some stuff that I had gotten from Freecycle (always cool to get something for free that you need or want!) I got one of those metal scalp massager thingies only this one vibrates. LOVE. Then I stopped and got a pedicure it had been months since my last one so this was needed. Headed to the grocery - where I picked up some ingredients to make these. I found it at Amy's magazine . If you do not read Amy's magazine then you are totally missing out on all that is cool in the crafting world. I substituted spearmint leaves for the coconut cause I am not a fan of coconut in foods (suntan lotion, yes - pina colada, yes - food NO) and also I forgot the sesame seeds (that is what you get when you shop from memory. I spent about 2 hours putting them together because this was my first attempt. I took them to the _ _ _ _ (keep reading) Saturday and they were a hit.

Saturday morning - I was up at 5:30, getting ready, getting the car packed and getting out the door for a fun filled Saturday. First on the agenda the Yard Sale at the Bowie Stadium. There I scored so much good stuff!! Biggest excitement was 5 pieces of my mom's china not place settings but serving pieces all for $25.00 (I made a very rookie mistake and one piece is chipped (BAD) I don't know how I missed it - I think because I never see her china I was so excited I forgot to check for the obvious) I am saving it for Christmas (so don't tell her) I also got some books - Janet Evanovich's new one, and Martha's halloween one, and a new pocketbook for me. SO much good stuff - my arms were killing me from carrying it all. I did not leave there until 9:45 so I headed to the crop. I got to Parville about 10:30 so had 30 minutes to hit the yardsales there. But there was a flea market up there - a big one at the Putty Hill Park. I walked around there and only found a few things. Needless to say I was a little late getting to the crop. When I arrived, I had to go to the bathroom and I was dying of thirst but I still managed to hit the swap table first. I picked up a few things - Kathy V was cleaning out big time and had a lot of great bargains. The crop itself was fun fun fun as usual. It is always great to catch up with everyone, see new projects and ideas and hopfully get something done. I had a list of about 5 things to work on and got to about 3. I got home and was pooped.

Sunday, I already blogged about my morning and a great new blog I had found.
In the afternoon, Ernie and I went to the Sunday in the Country concert featuring Sugarland. It was awesome - It looks like she was singing right to me right - yes we were in the front row. I love all of their songs and had really hoped to get a chance to see them in concert.

It was every bit as good as I had hoped. Since it was in Columbia, the concert ended a little before 8 and we had taken the Harley so we were home in a jiffy! Before bed, I got into a Janet E book at stayed up way too late reading especially when Pop brought Diesel home at 5:00am.

A great weekend and a great way to end the summer! Now as we head into fall, I look forward to lots more great times.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just met a cool, creative gal

and I want to introduce her to all of you.

Background: this morning I woke up with a sore back and since I am going to a concert today, I needed to pop some pills and lay with the heating pad. Which once I checked emails, ebay, and my blog for comments led to some surfing. I then met Linda after I had saved several of her pictures for referring to - I knew I had to share her creativity. Maybe you all know her already. Her scrapbook pages are gorgeous and I look that I would love to try. Two things about her pages that spoke to me - she has children over the age of 20 and she uses some older photos (black and whites and those early color shots that are grainy) I love those. THEN there are her 3D projects which are amazingly gorgeous - they do not look handmade at all. To me they are phenonemal.

I really like her music choices too - they are songs I probably never would have heard. I feel as though I was just invited into her home and she had some candles lit and she made me a cup of tea and she had some music playing and we had a conversation. And she shared some of her creavity with me. It was a wonderful feeling.

I am going to try to add music to my blog - in engages another sense - and makes it feel so much more personal. I am just loving meeting Linda this morning - I think I will get back to her - maybe she will magically pull something out of the oven for us to share.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some scrapbook pages

I have been trying to upload some scrapbook pages all week and every time the upload sideways (it is really annoying me) I finally got these two to work. These are from a SEI 8.5 by 5.5 album that I have been doing using the pictures of me from when I was little. The size really works well for the smaller size photos that are now 28 years old.

This page - the photo is from my Sweet 16 - a mere 19 years ago. I cased the design from some magazine somewhere - I think Cathy Z. I am pleased with the way these turned out. The other ones (the sideways loading ones) those could use a little help.

I have a fun weekend planned so look for more photos and excitement on Monday. What do you have planned for the weekend??

Monday, September 15, 2008

The only storm I saw was me scrappin' up a storm

So friday all the weather reports called for thunderstorms all weekend around these parts. I thought well that is a good chance for me to do a little scrappin'. Friday night, I settled in, found a good show to watch (Dirty Sexy Money on - love the internet for catching shows when I feel like watching) and got out my birthday banner kit from The Button Farm. Got that finished and worked on the Follow Your Bliss - also from The Button Farm. Both turned out so stinkin cute.
Another album/kit/class that I have been working on is the "One Summer"
from Kristy-Sikora-Blankenship or ksb. It it turning out very cute -
but this is the cover - yes I went with very retro
MM letters and well I really am not thrilled with it - Give me
some ideas - what should I do to make it better? I am happy with the little blings on the polka dots but everything else is pooh.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Proud to be an American

Today will forever be one of those days were you reflect on the USA, the world, and your own life. I can distinctly remember so many things about that day. It was a beautiful morning - sun shining. I had pretty much just arrived at work when the radio and internet starting talking about the planes. I came home that night and sat on the couch and watched the news. There just are words to describe the magnitude those events had on our lives. But weirdly, I liked the country that we were in the days following. People put out flags and yellow ribbons. People were a little nicer. We were all so thankful that days started to go by and new tradegies had not occurred. We were working through the pain. Seven years later, we have kind of gone back a little. We are comfortable again. We had other major things happen.

Ernie's little brother is serving - so daily I have a constant reminder that the flags still are flying. That there are yellow ribbons on houses. Ernie misses him so much and it is so hard to have him be away and always worrying that something bad could happen.

Monday, September 08, 2008

On my mind today

This is not even the ride that I rode - Ernie did - he is the one in the last cart!

First things first, I went to Six Flags yesterday and my head is still dizzy. The last ride we went on was this water raft thing - that just spun you around and I swear I have felt dizzy ever since - I am too old for this stuff.

The weekend was the perfect mix for me - Friday night was quiet - Ernie went out and it was just me and Deisel. Saturday morning I hit two small indoor yard sales (not great) but considering tropical storm hanna was blowing into town it was good. I came home just as it started to get bad and walked Deisel. He has gotten into the trash (Bad doggie) while I was gone so I had to walk him - I came in and I was soaked. So I settled into my PJ's and watched some movies, read some magazines, did a lot of scrapbooking, cleaned the house, cooked a peach cobbler, and did laundry. Ernie got home around 9. Sunday we went out to breakfast (Old Country Buffet) - I totally thought I would hate that place - but I love it!! They have a great selection, they have sweet tea and it is pretty cheap! A win for us. We also went to church. Then we went to six flags in the afternoon. That was fun. Except for the spinning.
This past weekend was the third Creative Escape out in Arizona and I have to say I am a little disappointed that I was not there. It seems my friends has a great time. Jessica Guthrie has a great rundown. My dear friend Peg just emailed me an update and showed me her album! I am working on making peace with not attending.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer is not over yet...

So my Labor Day weekend was good, laid back, relaxing. Saturday morning I hit yard sales, there weren't that many but I hit one lady who had beautiful clothes, suits, dress pants (yes mar I too am trying to make more of an effort at the office). As I looked thru the rack she had most of the size tags were cut out and when I asked and they were just my size I was so excited!! I got a suit with a shirt that matched, another pant, shirt jacket combo (she had them hanging together like they were an outfit but I just didn't see it), 4 pairs of pants, one shirt, a necklace, and some MK (she was a rep cleaning out some inventory) ALL for $25.00!!!! I was so excited - a good start to my fall wardrobe for less than 1 blouse! I even have one of the outfits on today!! Everything fit except one pair of pants - but I am thinking a little diet and exercise MIGHT help that. The pants all need to be hemmed (anyone local know a place or person to get that done inexpensively???)

Saturday afternoon, I did some card making and scrapping. I also found Lipstick Jungle

on the internet - OOOHH that show is good! I watched the whole season in one day! The clothes the hair their makeup is sooo pretty.

Sunday we went for breakfast with Ernie's parents down to Colonial Beach VA on the Harley. That was a great ride!

Monday - I have been having a lot of back muscle pain lately - I had the best of intentions of getting a ton done on Monday but moving was very painful. Last night I iced it, took some aleve and this morning I put the heating pad on and it feels better. I need to get it looked into but my track record with doctors fixing my problems is just so low.

Now, on to news for you my faithful readers!! I had 53 comments last month (20% of those from M*J*C and 20% from Niki - thanks girls!!) - that was awesome - the comment contest and the new feedjit actually forced me to update more often and to try to think of fun topics. In September, I will cover all the books (like 20 of them all purchased at yard sales) I have been reading lately, I also plan to share some of the things I have been making (mostly cards and a scrapbook page or two), are there any burning questions that you have for me. Post in the comments and I will answer them.

OH and the winner is... Liz (liz send me your address) who was a totally new person to my blog and who only posted once! Yeah! There will be another contest this month - for another great prize.

Friday, August 29, 2008

This is not becoming a political blog but..........

(If you are not into hearing my political opinion - stop reading now. My feelings are not hurt)

HE PICKED A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!! Weeehooo. Say goodbye to the gold ole white boy network. That is right America today in 2008 (well starting in 2009) we will have either a woman or an African American in the White House!! I am so excited. Either way today is a ground breaking day. I personally am very very excited to learn more about Governor Sarah Palin but from what little I know I am impressed. She is young, has 5 kids (anyone who can manage 5 kids can manage the country!), her son is a soldier, she has been called a maverick! My political party affiliations varies - I believe in the woman's right to choose (Dem), I believe in less taxes(Rep), I don't believe the government should be involved in every aspect of my life(Rep), I really want to end the war. When push comes to shove I usually go Rep. and I liked McCain except 72 was a little too old in my book - this job is the highest stress level - people age 20 years in 4 (look at Clinton). But now with this new chick in town, I am so excited. I think the next 2+ months are going to be some of the most interesting in our history and this is going to be a very interesting race.

See you at the polls on November 4th, 2008!!!!!! A day when history will change forever. (Watch some independant will come in and screw it all up!)

A WOMAN - HE PICKED A WOMAN! Now it will be the pink house!! with sequins and bling!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dangerous Dog Toy

I got this email this morning. There is nothing on snopes to say that it is a hoax and the person took the time to set up a blog, and show pictures of this sweet dog. Then someone posted that something similar happened to them. The four paws website mentions nothing about it. Please spead the word!

Please cross post far and wide!!!

If you have this ball in your house for your dogs, remove it from their access immediately. This toy resulted in several dogs having to have their tongues amputated! I would also suggest returning this toy to the merchant from whompurchased for a refund.

As you read Chai's story, you will be appalledthat the manufacturer apparently wants to see many more dogs seriouslyinjured before issuing a recall or taking this safety hazard seriously. Item #20227-001
UPC Code: 0 4566320227 9
Manufactured by: Four Paws, Inc.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rockin' yard sale day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was up and at em early this morning leaving my house at 6:40. My first stop was a candy store that was moving in Severna Park - I arrived at 7:05 and was the first car in the parking lot. The prices were fantastic and I got a lot of good stuff all brand new. The best find were these awesome plaques - they are huge and as usual I have no idea what I will use them for - two trips to the car and she let me pay by credit card. I did get a set of polka dotted bowls yanked out from under me.

The next few stops were duds but then I hit the motherload of tupperware. The woman had like 4 stacks of new tupperware dishes - I was sure she was a dealer trying to off load - so I say how much is the tupperware fully expecting $1.00 each - NOPE .10 cents each - I snatched them up so fast - 2 big bags - $4.25 total. I just checked out the tupper website - easily this stuff is $5.00 - $10.00 each - total score. Now what I have been wondering all day is why she let it go for so cheap - is she never packing lunches again? No plans for leftovers?

Ended the day, with 12.00 in purchases including 7 new books/magazines and some new clothes.

I just love yard saling - I can't figure out why everyone doesn't do it. But I am lucky they don't - more for me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The list

I just finished reading "The Next Thing on My List" by Jill Smolinski (why yes I am selling it on ebay - thank you for asking) and it has gotten me thinking. The book is based on a list that a gal has made of things she wants to do before her 25th birthday, her list includes lose weight, wear sexy shoes, be the hottest girl at Oasis, take her mom and grandma to see Wayne Newton, make Bddy Fitch pay among other things. Check out Jill's life list on her blog - she has great ideas and great stories.

My 25th is long gone, so is my 35th but I still would like to make a list of things that I want to do.

My lifetime goal is to see all 50 states - I have done about 28 and plan vacations in an effort to see one or two a year.

I have always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon.

And frankly, that is all I can come up with - if I want to go somewhere, I go. If I want to eat something, I eat it. If I want to try something, I try. Your my friends, you know me - what should I add to the list??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No great title comes to mind

Just a quick update on my weekend -

Friday night, Ernie went to the track and Deisel and I hung at home - I got caught up on Army Wives on the net - great show. I did go to the a different thrift store and found a whole pile of cool clothes - they have no dressing room which irritated me - but luckily everything was a good fit.

Saturday I hit a whole section of Crofton that was having yard sales and they were great!! Man I got good stuff - One cool thing was a mini shopping cart - I have no clue what I plan to do with it but I liked it. I also got another Jodi book, two apothocary jars (big ones for $1.00) and two new t-shirts. After yard sales, we got the Harley and the dog and headed to Waldorf for the day. My first priority was Material Girls Quilt Shop to check out Heather Bailey fabric. We took the motorcycle so granted I couldn't buy a lot but I had planned to buy some to send to last weeks blog winners. I get there and walk around and walk around - the store is pretty, they have neat examples, there are a few other shoppers - so finally I walk up the cutting table where three women are sort of leaning/lounging on it and finally they take notice of me. I tell them I would like to see the Heather Bailey fabric and they say "it is not out yet". I am kind of puzzled so I question that you mean you don't have any or it is not available to the stores yet? No they have three boxes in the back BUT they have not put it on the floor and will be out in a few days. I say I drove from Laurel to see this (49 miles) and that it is not an option to come back. So I ask well can I see what is in the back? At this point, I am so freaking shocked that I am a customer with money in a store (a small private store) speaking with the person I think is the owner and they have what I want to buy but are making no moves to sell it to me??? UH What? Is this store a front - is there a gambling ring in the back?? I left with nothing and WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE. When I asked if they had the patterns - they referred me to the website? Gee the website - hmmm why didn't I think of that - maybe because all I ever hear is support your local small stores - well I tried that!! Store owners - take note! Heather Bailey - take note!

We did a little more riding - caught up with his parents. Headed back to their house to run around with Diesel and wear him out - Ernie chases him with the motorcycle and tires him out and he gets some much needed exercise. I take pictures.

Sunday we were lazy for a good portion of the day, and then went to see Hancock. It was a good mix of action and storyline with some good comedic lines.

Friday, August 15, 2008

It pays to read (comment) on my blog.

I am beginning to sound like a broken record but comments are my lifeline - I don't want them, I need them and if I have to bribe people to leave them then so be it. I know your stopping by I got that feedjit thingie - so if your reading say something! Agree - disagree, I am not fussy. Point out my typos - which when I reread a post - I think are hilarious!!

So far I have had 32 comments this month, and I Random Number Generated #27 which turned out to be Karen from Baton Rouge - Karen my dear do you like Starbucks? If that does not do it for ya, tell me the place that would and I'll get you a gift card but it has to be a food/drink treat place.

BUT wait there is more, Karen is a double winner because everyone that commented on the Heather Bailey blog will get some Heather Bailey treats!! Thats right, Jennifer, Margo, Niki and Karen from Baton Rouge all are getting some Heather Bailey treats!!

If you call (comment) right now, I'll do more random drawings! Does anyone remember what commercial I am mimicing?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prepare to be delighted

You know when you happen upon something so great that you just want to share it with everyone you know - the first time you had Rita's - didn't you leave saying "Taste this - ohmigod so good - you gotta taste this!"

That is how I felt when Stacy J showed me the way to Heather Bailey's store and blog. "Ohmigod - so great so beautiful I need to learn to sew right stinkin now. I know Mary E put her in the magazine a few months back and I read the article and I loved it. But now you can buy the stuff. And it is some gorgeous stuff. (I stole this photo but blog posts need photos - she wont mind - it is totally hers - it just radiates what she is all about!)

I have a confession - shopping online is hard for me - I need to see and touch and be immersed - and the whole shopping experience itself. I like to meet artists and see their displays. So guess what - these are the stores that carry Heathers stuff. I have to go to LaPlata all the time and I had never even heard of Material Girls. You can bet I will go there soon!

If you love it too, can I hear an AMEN!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Ernie and I spent the day being very lazy. We slept in really late. I did work on my "One Summer Album". We watched some shows on the internet - Psych, Monk and we just rented some movies. I sort of schedule my sick days - rather than let life run me down - I like to take a day stay in my jammies and just relax!!!

Yesterday was another dismal yard sale day - 2 books and a little gag gift. It was also gaby and greg's sons first birthday. It was a great party - both families, lots of great folks from church, and work. Food was delicious.

Finally, this shout out is to Odenton, Jessup, Baton Rouge - when you stop by leave a comment.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

What to make for dinner???

As many of you know, Ernie is a young strappin boy who works very hard long hours and therefore is a great audience for my amazing(cough - lie) cooking!! But I have run out of quick and easy and simple and delicious ideas. Pioneer woman is great when I want to try something new. But my boy is a meat and potatoes boy. And let's face it the cost of groceries is ever increasing! So give me your good quick dinner solutions!

Last night I tried the Pampered Chef chicken and broccoli wreath - it was not bad - I could not figure out how to make the braid - I just improvised. We ate a lot of it!

I do steaks on the generic George Foreman a lot. He likes the sweet potatoes in a can with brown sugar and butter. The only thing I do with any consistency in the crock pot is chili.

Give me your ideas for quick dinners!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The parking challenged

This past weekend I witnessed some of the worst parking I have ever seen - rather than get frustrated by their crazy - I decided to use it as a blog topic this week. I even plan to add to this as I come across more great park jobs which I am thinking will be frequently.

I now present - women scrapperbookers - parking 101.

This first one was so excited, they drove toward the space and got out and left.
Notice how much space there is in the front - every other person that had to drive down that aisle had to move four feet over to avoid hitting the badly parked car. And it was a long aisle. GREAT JOB!!
This one evidently thought that line was for the middle of the car? So everyone that pulled up that row thought it was an empty space - NOPE just another fabulous park job!

OH and both license plates were from Pennsylvania!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

HA HA Look what I got!!!

I found that thingie to see who was landing on my blog and how - me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure why I never noticed the Click to add button at the bottom before - uhh sometimes not so sharp.

Now I will know who is coming so comments are almost mandatory - because I am not above emailing you after you visit to find out why you did not comment.

If starbucks is not your thing, I will make sure to send something that is - by stalking you on your blog!!

OH me soo happy!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

The good, the bad and the beautiful

The good - I had a nice weekend connecting with friends and family that I had not seen in a long time. Deb is doing awesome!! Her boys are cuties E pies! The oldest is so smart he amazed me. The CKC had lots of good stuff to buy. Volunteering was actually pretty cool. Being a TA is hard work - and standing on my feet for 9 straight hours OH my heavens. My muscles were sore. The classes I TA for were about using your stash and about using 4 x 6 photos. Quite frankly the second class is a bit hazy cause I was getting really tired. Sunday got to spend a little time with my mom - and then dinner (Texas Roadhouse AGAIN!) with say 5 generations (although different parts) of my family including Mary's new baby. Such a good baby and such a cutie. Look at his little formula face as his eyelids just get so heavy.

The bad - Ernie and I are going through a rough time not so much as a couple. It is hard to talk about right now and I know that together we will get through this but it still makes it hard. If you are the praying sort - I would really appreciate that right now.

The beautiful - At CKC, I happened upon the most beautiful booth - little lamps set up and a cute tablecloth with buttons along the hem. And then I saw her kits - it is The Button Farm and her stuff is divine. I bought two kits and really could have bought one of everything she had. her style is that mix of vintage but with all the great new products. It was really hard to get shots of her booth because it was always so crowded!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

So the birthday month ends...

July was lots of fun! Turning 35 not so bad. Our photo shoot with Ashley one of the highlights. This one is definately a favorite. I highly recommend her - her fees are very reasonable.

My scrapbook birthday party was another highlight- thanks Anne and crew for a great day!

Playing on ebay all month has been lots of fun - so great to get rid of old stuff - to make room for new - I still have lots of stuff listed - check me out and bid. Lots of stamp stuff all my auctions start at less than $1.00.

August is looking to be another great month - I am heading this weekend to a scrapbook event in Valley Forge getting together with my dear friend from high school to meet her new son, and then heading to Millville to see another new baby - my cousin Mary's baby boy. Then the following weekend I have another 1 year old birthday party. Then the end of the month Ernie and I will celebrate one year together. We are planning to go away for the weekend but have not decided on a location.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows every day for me - my house is messy (which is why I never post pictures of it), Ernie and I do fight, I struggle with my weight, I had a huge terrible leak in my house - but do you really want to read a whiney complainy blog. Plus when it comes to wanting to share something with the world - I want it to be nicer and funnier and happier. Because all in all when you get right down to it - I am healthy and everyone in my world is healthy, I have a job, I have a nice house, I have lots of nice people around me, we have two trucks and a motorcycle, we have a great great DOG, what more do you need??

EDITED TO ADD: I need comments!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Contest for the month of August

As evidenced by how many people accessed Ashley's photos through my blog (I really want to get one of those sidebar tells me who is accessing my blog and from where thingies - can someone tell me how to do that??) I know that I have a lot of readers but I don't get a lot of comments. Let's be honest - comments are the bloggers crack. It is how we determine if we are talking to ourselves. I have asked (begged) for comments. I tell my friends and family "Hey please comment if you check out my blog!"

So with that in mind, I introduce "Comment Contest"! For the month of August, anyone who comments on my blog will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Starbucks. There will probably be random prizes throughout the month too. DO NOT COMMENT TODAY - THEY WILL NOT COUNT. This is only for the whole month of August.

Maybe you are uncertain as what to say - these all count - Hey girl! or Funny! Cute (although I do hate that word) Your silly! These are all valid comments.

Now I look forward to hearing from you all month!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer weekends - happen so fast...

Summer weekends - havin' a blast!

Well another weekend flies by. Friday night I treated myself to a pedicure, some shopping at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale and a visit to Trader Joe's. I broke the first rule of grocery shopping - I went when I was starving and I bought a whole bunch of stuff.

Saturday, I had to have some work done on my house. I was able to hit a few yard sales but only picked up some jeans. I did other stuff - but it eludes me now - oh ran errands - read my book - relaxed - cleaned the house - surfed the web - ebay (still totally addicted to selling all my goodies there!)

Sunday Ernie and I headed down to Waldorf and then went for a long bike ride just the two of us. We went to Solomon's Island. On the way home, we unfortunately got caught in the rain - we just pulled over and waited it out. It was kind of romantic to be holed up under an awning with the thunder, lightning and rain and just the two of us. Ernie is so strong - that he always makes me feel protected. It is a wonderful feeling. We got home and then went to dinner (not before dragging the guys to AC Moore) with his parents - we went to Texas Roadhouse! OMG - their food is so good - I could make a whole meal of the sweet tea, rolls and cinnamon butter. I tried to score some steak bones for the dog but no luck! Steak places should get smart to that and start selling their trash as dog treats - I would have paid for it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What gorgeous models we all are!!

Saturday we had a photo session with Ashley of Ashley Layfield Photography and just from the sneak peak on her blog - I love them!! Seriously if you are in the Maryland area I suggest a shoot with her. She made the babies, the dads and the dog all look and feel great.

Ashley used to work with us girls and about 6-8 weeks ago we thought wouldn't a joint photo shoot be a great idea. Gaby's baby is almost 1, and well I am a scrapbooker, and Vivian has never had a family portrait done. Having three families at the same time was a great idea - there was always someone to hold a baby or entertain a 4 year old or stand behind and play peek a boo and make a baby laugh and having a dog there made everyone more casual. We are all casual families anyway. Ashley's husband and daughter even came down too. Oh and I really did not notice the heat because we were in the shade!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yahoo thinks when I email myself that I am spam?

About 3 months ago, I realized that the Spam filter from Yahoo is not so good. For example emails from myself - they are Spam. What kind of filter thinks that? If I email something to myself because I have not figured out how to save sent messages - it goes into my Spam. It is the most ridiculous thing. So I have taken to checking my spam folder just in case something good slips by. By glancing through spam there is a whole world out there that I know nothing about.

There are people to get paid to fill out forms at home - and what I really want to know about are these mystery shopper jobs - getting that job is the real mystery.

And really how does SPAM stay in business - who is buying all these replica watches and what is a berry cleanse and how much cialis and viargra is there in the world and does Rachael Ray even know that she is endorsing Wu-Yi Tea?

Now there is even spam in my blog comments - anonymous is selling their own book light. Hey I was just thrilled there was a comment!

This is the kind of thing that I think about... I keep telling you fascinating stuff.

Two words

1. Where is your cell phone? ...............surgically attached
2. Your significant other?.................probably working
3. Your hair? ............................. frizzy today
4. Your mother? ........................... she's fine
5. Your father?............................. missed loved
6. Your favorite material object?.....................
7. Your dream last night?................... about scrapbooking
8. Your favorite drink..................... sweet tea
9. Your short term goal?.........................maintain sanity
10. The room you're in?..................... my office
11. What is something you're looking forward to this week?...........................nordstrom sale
12. Your fear?..............................icky stuff
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?...........tough one
14. Where were you last night?............. my home
15. What you're not?....................... self absorbed
16. Eggs?............................... with cheese
17. One of your wish list items?........... slr camera
18. Where you grew up?................... NEW JERSEY
19. The last thing you did?.................checked voicemail
20. What are you wearing?...................capris and tee
21. Your job?...............................the 5th
22. Your pets?.............................. crazy nut
23. Your computer? ....................... my life
24. Your life?.............................. it's mine
25. Your mood?............................ optimistic introspective
26. Missing someone?....................... i'm okay
27. Your car?............................... it's hot!
28. Something you're not wearing?.........earrings
29. Favorite Store?.........................yard sale
30. Your summer?........................... laid back

Now you share an answer??

Monday, July 14, 2008

Go Megan it's your birthday!

Today is the day that is dedicated to all things Megan. I of course began the celebration at the beginning of the month. Saturday I spent the day scrapbooking with a wonderful group of girls who I have sb'ed with for the last 10 years.

Anne hosts a monthly or quarterly crop at her church - the money goes to charity - she does an AMAZING job. I arrived and she gave me a wonderful treat allowing me to pick a door prize before anyone else. I picked some Making Memories 5th Avenue colletion paper so that I could finish an album that I am working on.

Kathy also had made me a beautiful creative escape album - which I can't wait to fill. It is a vertical album and uses all the CE papers. I will add a pic cause she sells them - all kinds really.

Later around 6:30 when it was crazy party time - Anne brought out cupcakes which were without a doubt the best cupcakes I have ever tasted - they were so moist!! Vivian and Niki scrambled for their cameras as Anne came out of the kitchen singing and Viv caught this one - I love it - such a great shot.

Yesterday Ernie and I went to the farmers market and out to breakfast. I then spent the day by the pool reading another Jodi Picoult book - OHH she is so good - I have cried like 6 times already - she shows you so many angles - I can not wait to read what the twist is going to be in this one. Nineteen Minutes - about a school shooting.

Today when I arrived at the office there was a sign in the bushes. My office is decorated. Fran is one of the most generous caring people in the world. She is the mom at work and takes care of all of us. She got me the most adorable polka dotted mouse pad - pink and green. She also got me a banana scented candle from Yankee Candle - delish! Then Mary got me new travel bags for makeup - pink and green.

MY MOM - she sent me an edible arrangement so I have been nibbling on delicious fruit all day. She is so sneaky she even called the office Friday to get the new address! Gaby and Kathy enjoyed some too!

I ended the day with Ernie picking up Don Pablos which I have not had in years - yummy - and crawling into bed with my guys (and my book) pretty early.

It was a nice birthday - it is nice to just be surrounded by people (and doggies) who love you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A book light saved my relationship!

The story goes like this - Ernie gets up at 5:30 to go to work - I get up at 7:30. So when he falls asleep at night - I am not quite tired. I used to leave my bedside lamp on - and I guess he would dream that the sun was beating down on him. He would just have sweat pouring off of him - I would feel badly and literally wipe him off with a wet wash cloth before I went to sleep. He is a pretty easy going sleeper and did not mention for months that this bothered him. Finally he mentioned it - and I got one of those itty bitty book lights and now all is right with the world.

This scene got me thinking about the things we do to improve our relationships with our SO. A friend I know when looking to buy a house found (and eventually bought) one that had three TV stacked on each other in the basement. That way Mom, Dad and child could all be in the same room hanging out on the couch but watching their own program. I think one of the reasons that Ernie and I work is that we don't have TV. We watch stuff on the laptop and the screen is small so we have to sit close. and we have to find stuff that we both enjoy.

Tell me my faithful 3 readers what quirky things have you done to improve your relationships.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The trip to Ocean Shitty!

Well Friday morning, we started heading down the Ocean, hon! I was not that enthused cause let's just say in the last 25 years Ocean Shitty has not really improved, the traffic is terrible, parking is almost non existent, and the hotels gouge you cause they are all dives that only have a few weeks a year to make their money. We ended up staying at the Ocean Mecca (photo courtesy of whflood from Flickr). I think this shot is gorgeous - I really did not remember the hotel being so lovely.

But it ended up being a perfect vacation for Ernie and me! We relaxed, we ate yummy junk food, we went on rides, we shopped in cute little stores, we walked up and down the boardwalk, we slept and then took naps.

I must mention that on Friday on the way down we stopped at one of the BEST antique stores called "Goose on the Roof". It is on route 50 just before Salisbury in Hebron. The owners are so nice, the selection is awesome - lots of shabby chic LOTS and the best part the prices are very reasonale. I found another button jar (yes I realize that I have a weird addiction), some childrens blocks and a pink wire basket thing. Ernie even got into it and really liked all the cool stuff that they had out front. Friday night we did watch the fireworks and then proceeded to run back 18 blocks to our hotel in the rain.

Saturday the weather was a little iffy but we did something really fun - we rented a surry on the boardwalk. It was so much fun - it was like being in a parade. I highly recommend the guy at the 14th street bike shop. He was really nice and had a great sense for business. After that we went out for breakfast and then rode some rides at the Jolly Roger Pier. I got on the Ferris Wheel - I am not afraid of heights but it did make me a little nervous. Oh and we ate more junk food and walked up and down the boardwalk 10 more times.

Sunday we hit the Jolly Roger waterpark as soon as it opened and here I found the most perfect place on earth. First because we got there so early we pretty much hit all the good rides with very little lines. So they have this ride called Stealth - it does not say what it is when you head up there. The guy running the ride is harness in - like he is going mountain climing. Of the 6 people in front of us in line - 4 yes 4 backed out. I was really nervous - but I really like water rides so when it was my turn I just marched up there sat in my tube and held on (oh and did not look down) It was steep and I screamed like a girl all the way down but man it was fun. But back to heaven. I love LOVE LOVE hot tubs jacuzzis etc but in the summer when you skin is a little burned it is just not the best feeling. Well, I see something tucked away called a bubble pool. I know I have to get in - and then my foot touches the water and it is cold! OH heaven I could have shouted - it felt like heaven. I stayed there all by my lonesome for at least half hour and quite frankly I could have stayed all day. I contimplated getting a raft and lying in there.

Sunday night, we went for a beautiful dinner at Fager's Island. I had never been there before as I am a boardwalk junk food kind of girl. It is very crowded but our waiter was very nice and dinner was delicious. For appetizer we had steamed shimp and for dinner we had steak and crab cake. The steak was so perfectly cooked it melted in our mouths. Of course we were too full for dessert.

Another perfect summer weekend!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


I was off work last week and for the first half of the week - I had a staycation! I stayed home and vacationed. I cleaned and cooked and took the dog for long walks. I went to the pool just about every day. I ran errands and went shopping and tried to do home repairs - I say tried. I watched movies - 27 Dresses.

Let me just vent about "Pool Rules". On Sunday, the lifeguards heard one tiny very far off rumble of thunder and had to clear everyone out of the pool and clear the pool deck for 30 minutes. It was ridiculous. No one heard it except them and the sun was completely shining. Then what is up with adult swim for 15 minutes every hour. What is the purpose of that? I really think the children can play for longer than 45 minutes - heck all growing up I had a pool in the backyard and I think I played in it for 4 or 5 hours at a time. And don't even get me started on the Ice Cream man - he parks at my pool for hours playing that horrible music and I swear some of them were Christmas carols. So annoying.

I read some great books - another Jodi Piccoult book - Vanishing Acts. Not as good as Change of Heart but still a very interesting book.

I put some stuff on ebay and will continue to do that. I have accumulated a bunch of stuff that I don't use and want to make room for new stuff for my birthday. Check out my listings - and there will be more - my seller name is mgerrity_01 - I know what you are thinking, how very original.

In the next post I will tell you about the rest of my week. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Dreamin'

Every year about this time, much like I make out a christmas wish list, I make out a birthday wish list. I thought it would be fun to show all three of my blog readers my cute finds.

Of course, my big dream is a Nikon SLR camera. I have asked a lot of researchers and this one is the best.

Since I got my laptop about a year ago, I have thought that a lap top bag would be useful and have been inactively . I think this green one is pretty and practical. Of course I would jazz it up with some ribbon or a flower.

The same store has this pad which I think is super adorable and would definately help me get more done.

My ultra fabulous and stylish friends Kristin and Anne Marie had these cool swingpacks when I went to New York and I really loved them but the price was stopping me a bit. Anne Marie's was even cooler (Gucci, I think!). This weekend I found one at the beach in this great zebra pattern for $29.00 so I can cross that off my list.

I got Southern Lady magazine for Christmas but I think this mag Shop Smart is really great. I bought a copy the other day and learned a great deal.

My friend Catherine shared her book with us in Nashville and I think I would love a copy of Show it Off! There are some really clever ideas in there! And everything Catherine does is super cute. UHOH - I think her b-day is coming up soon - I better tink of something for her.

I still want one of these a power inverter which for a few days I really thought I had invented this gadget. Come to find out those engineers at Ford or NASA were way ahead of me.

And of course a girl can never have too many mismatched stuff and they have lots of cute new patterns. They also just emailed that their warehouse is in Iowa and 10% of their sales this week are going to help those in need from the floods.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Weekend Report

** We won!! We won!! Well rather Norma Anne and Henry won the dream wedding. Behold the power of scrapbookers! So happy for them.

Friday night, Deisel practiced his neighborhood escape plan and had me running all over to find him. I was terrified because I had no idea how to explain to Ernie. I found him seconds after he had run into the road. I sprinted to him and lucky for him people were watching! I drug him home and did not speak to him for the rest of the night cause I was laying on the coach (uh that would be couch) trying to catch my breath. God I am not in shape.

Saturday I hit one big community in a school parking lot yard sale, and got a few things. One lady had toiletries and such for a song - loved her!

Then I headed down to meet my mom and her friends to get them set up at the beach. My mom and I were on target to meet each other exactly. We met up about 12 did a tiny bit of shopping at the outlets and then headed to their cottage. Got everyone moved in and just sat around talking. Sunday we got some sun, I started to read another Jodi Picoult (her stuff is soooooooooo good), we hit the Village of Fenwick 2 or three small stores - I got a great little pocketbook that I have been looking for and a white t-shirt. Oh I made PW's Asian Noodle Salad and there was a ton of it. Everyone seemed to love it. I left the beach about 8:45 which meant I got home about midnight - 10 (uh that would be 2) hours past my bedtime (See I told you I was tired) . I was beat when I got home.

Very fun weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This time yesterday I had never even heard of Norma Anne

Now her and her wedding - it is all I can think about. Yes I do have an addictive personality.

I got this email yesterday morning

Okay, this is cute but corny. I know I really should be cleaning or organizing or something! There is a couple in Florida who are trying to win a dream wedding. She is a SCRAPPER and needs our support. There is another couple who also is recieving a lot of votes. Supposedly the other couple is posting lots of trash about them and occusing them of cheating. The whole story of the drama can be read on two peas (of course!): Anyhow, she seems to have a pretty good lead but the voting does not end until noon on the 20th. Check out the site, it has there story and of course their photo whichhappens to be a scrapbook page! Click on their link and it leads you to their story and the place to cast your vote. I just leave the page up and hide it in the bottom bar thingy. You can vote every 12 minuteswhich I am not asking you to sit all day at the computer, just vote when you walk buy or something. Let's help a fellow scrapper out!!!!! ;-) THanks!

It was forwarded to my friend Jeanne from a gal named Mindy who i don't know either.

So I clicked on the link and voted.

Then I clicked on the message board link and OH my god it was all down hill from there. I now know more about Norma Anne and Henry and Katrina and Matt (the 2nd place couple) and internet voting cheating and the and and WOW

We interupt this addiction for a new one - addicted and easily swayed that's me - Kristi Sikora Blankenship has a blog and a newsletter and she is teaching a class!!!!!!!! I loved her at Scrap Etc - her energy and her live this life now and her glue and go - LOVED LOVED LOVED IT all - Her summer album - cute cute cute.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dismal yard sale finds

I was up and out at 8, had a few places set to go, and well it was dismal. Nothing just felt like I needed it. I did pick up a few books, an outfit for Sammy and the most adorable girls outfit size 18-24- I don't know who this is for but it was tooo stinking cute to pass up. A christmas ornament which Deisel already stepped up - my fault for leaving on the floor and that was about it. I did see a coach purse that I really really wanted but the lady would not waiver on the price and just kind of had an attitude and I passed. Total expenditure was $4.00 and $2.00 for a hotdog.

Sunday, we went to the river and got to do a little jetski which was really fun. I am a timid driver so when the kids wanted to ride with me I was more than happy to oblige! Then I could say I was being careful cause of the kids.

Oh and I read another good book - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. It was a quick read and I really liked it. I am putting it up on Paper Back Swap if you want to trade. Have you tried that site - it is really good if you like to read and they have pretty new books on there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....

You know in the movies when they want to show how fast time goes and the pages fly off the calendar - that is my life.

Wednesday I taught a Scrapbook 101 class to my co workers. We always talk about getting together to scrap and I finally just organized it. Everyone seemed to really love it and had fun with it. We plan to get together monthly to keep working on the mini albums that they started, One of the gals even brought her two little girls and they made an album for their dad for fathers day - I loved having the little ones in the class.

Thursday I read the book Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. I got it Express from the library which meant I only had 7 days to read and return it. I was about 150 pages into it last night when I got home from work and finished it about 10. OHH it was so good. I would love to find someone else who has read it who would like to discuss it because man I have a lot of questions. If you have read it, comment to me and let's chat.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Heat Wave

I love the summer and I love the hot but last night was the end of what I could stand and the dog was begging me - so I turned the air on! It is not pretty when a pit bull just lies in front of the fan and every once in awhile looks at you like why you trying to kill me momma? Around 9:30, when it was time to go to the bedroom and sleep, I decided the dog needed the air. And it did feel delicious.

I spent the whole day at home on Sunday I had a pile of laundry like you would not believe and the laundry room right next to the craft room - and I had a new set of Will and Grace DVD's - so in between putting stuff in the washer and the dryer, I crafted and watched Will & Grace. I was getting ready for a class I am teaching on Wednesday - oh these little creative cafe albums are going to be so cute. If you order from there, say Hi to Marty in the comments - he is so nice with the greatest southern accent! And you get your stuff fast!

Saturday I hit the yardsales and I got some GOOOOD stuff. A few baby things for Sammy, a retro pin, a book, and then the motherload of JCrew clothes 3 tshirts, a sweatshirt and 2 sweaters all for $16.00 - I was telling Ernie and said that would be like... and he said "more than $50.00 at Walmart!" He does know my love for JCrew. Then I hit a few more with nothing - then an estate type sale - evidently the folks were moving and I got a whole box of kitchen towels for a buck, and another apothacary jar (this makes 5), and a little tupperware pitcher and another Button tin. I then stopped at bath and Body works for the sale, got a pedicure and then went grocery shopping - I did not get home until 3 - yikes. We went to a local dive bar for dinner and to watch the Belmont Stakes.

I did not make it on the Harley all weekend so I can only classify the weekend as great (the pedicure really pulls up the ranking!)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sex and the City!

I must preface this by saying - I do not go to the movies ever! The last movie I watched in the theatre was Cars. But I had to see Carrie, Miranda, Samatha and Charlotte. It had been on my calendar for weeks. I bought the tickets online around noon - I had even convinced Ernie to see it. The promise of some nudity was his draw.

It was fabulous! I do not want to give anything away but it was fabulous. The fashion delivered, oh the shoes, I laughed, I cheered and I cried. It was so good that I could have sat and watched it again. Go with your girlfriends, get dressed up, have a cosmo and then see the movie. The girls that not only made it okay to be thirty and single but the girls that made it fabulous and fashionable!!!

The rest of the weekend was perfect by my standards, yard sales Saturday morning, a rain shower in the afternoon so I got some creative time and riding the Harley all day Sunday. We got caught in the rain which did take some of the fun and coolness out of it but Ernie's mom bought us new dry clothes so it ended well. It was great to go to bed last night and be really tired from the sun and the fresh air.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free photos!

Hey Shay, Mel and Steph,

Since you girls comment I will write to you. Anyone new reads and comments I will write to them.

Back to the free photos, I just discovered that at one of the rewards is 20 free prints from Snapfish (with only 64 points). I was pretty happy since I spent $35.00 at Snapfish last month.

Also if you have not signed up with mr.rebates what are you waiting for and tell them I sent you. If you do any online shopping at all, it is awesome! Shay you signed up - have you used it?

I love little extra easy ways to rack up fun freebies. Anyone know of others?

Mel - the pictures from Facebook are not a high enough resolution for me to print - can you send them to me?

Steph - send me your address, I have a surprise for you.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I kicked off the summer of 2008!

This past Memorial Day weekend was weather wise one of the best I have ever seen. Every day was sunny and perfect temps.

I spent most of the day Saturday in my craft room. It had been quite a few weeks since I had a chance to spend any time on any creative projects and I was missing it. I worked on some thank you notes that I am really late in sending and another 6x6 scrapbook project that I have been having fun working on lately.

Sunday, Ernie and I rode the Harley to DC to be a part of Rolling Thunder "Ride for Freedom". That event is one of my most favorite. We decided to watch instead of ride in it. It ended up being just the two of us which worked out well - we did not have to worry about anyone else in the crowds and after about an hour we were ready to go. The news reports say that 350,000 bikes participate in the event in total. It is so cool to see that many bikes in one place.

We stopped home, changed cars, got the dog and drove to NJ to visit my mom. Monday, we spent the day at one of my favorite events - Bob Brooks auction in Malaga, NJ. We arrived about 9:30 not the early bird gets the worm auctioning but we were able to score some good stuff. To the lady who roots around and picks out the one thing that she wants out of the box and then holds it up for it to be bid along - thanks for taking all the fun out of an auction. Bob Brooks now has a 13% buyers premium. As we were checking out, they mentioned it. I got to say "when I first started coming here, there was no buyers premium" They said that was a long time ago, like 10 years. I said yep, I have been coming here for 12 years. OH what did I score, a cool retro pale blue fan, an apothocary jar, 4 boxes of Christmas ornaments. My mom got a glass brick (we bought that from someone on the side - I LOVE those cash transactions!) and two glass battery jars and a sewing stand. I just like to go and poke around the antiques.

When we got home, after a quick nap, we prepared a delicious dinner. Pioneer woman your jalopenos wrapped in bacon - YUMMY!

All and all - a perfect weekend - scrapping, harley riding, and juking!

By the way, if you are reading this - post a comment - I would like to know that I am not talking to myself.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

$$$ saving tip!

While having some things checked at the beach house, the repairman from Del Mar Appliance was a wealth of information. He gave me two tips which made a ton of sense and I thought I would pass them along - just before you run your dishwasher (finally have one back in my kitchen!!) run the kitchen sink until the hot water comes out. That way the water that goes into the dishwasher is hot from the beginning. He said it takes a long time for the dishwasher to heat the water. I tried to find supporting research for this. He also said that you really only need about a teaspoon or two of detergent.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Spring means many things for people - Baseball season or flowers, or gardening - for me it means Saturday mornings of Jukin' - my Aunt Phyl and Aunt Mary invented this word - it means shopping and junking and just checking out the local stuff. For me, it means yard sales mostly and maybe a craft fair and maybe a festival.

Last Saturday, I was up and out at 8am. I have a list of things I look for - cute clothes, vintage jewelry, anything polka dots, books, apothocary jars, tupperware, pink kitchen stuff. This week, I hit a few sales. Then I headed to the Landon Festival - and got the cutest apothocary jar. I also saw some cute ideas which added an ornate frame to my yard sale list!

This week, again up and at the neighborhood sale by 8 and I scored a Waterford vase!! since it was in the neighborhood, Ernie and Diesel came too! I got all the way home and went back for a pampered chef stone (I broke mine - FYI - they are not meant to broil on!) We also went to Wine in the Woods this year in Columbia - two words - Never Again! The lines were terrible, just not my scene. Glad I finally got to go - and check it off my list.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Scrap ETC

The whole reason I started my journey to Nashville was to attend Scrap Etc with my scrappin bff's (list is long but if you are reading this blog you are absolutely one of them!!). It was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (big, pretty, expensive!) I was a member of the illustrious group C - Brittney was an awesome leader. Thursday evenings welcome ceremony was a good introuduction of everyone and then we headed to a class team-taught by Danelle Johnson and Kristi Sikora-Blankenship. This was for me the most inspiring time of the whole event - Kristi was my favorite speaker by far - she is excited and she talks FAST!! What I really related too is that now she works for a construction company and scrapbooking is a hobby - just like me! I loved her samples and her ideas and her glue and go theory really woke me up. When I scrapbook, I spend too much time focused on details and not enough time glueing stuff down.

The only repeat teacher for me was heidi. Her project was totally my colors and a very cool idea. Jenni Bowlin (sad but I slept in and missed a little of this class), Gretchen MacElveen, Vanessa Hudgen, Angelina Wiggleton, Vilna Furstenburg, and Monique McLean - each project was a unique take. SNL - let's chalk it up to it was a very long weekend and by that point things just got rough.

Two really cool things about the weekend was Amy Tan from Amy Tangerine was there selling her t-shirts and I got the cutest one (and she had a lot to choose from in my size) I have always loved her stuff! The other cool thing was a singer/song writer Amanda Hudson was there and her songs are the perfect blend of a nice message and folksy music to remind you of why you scrapbook - and her perfect scrapbook day song is sooo stinking cute. I am so glad I got to buy that CD. I really love to support artists/entrereneurs.

I got lots of fun supplies at all of the stores I was able to visit.

I drove home Sunday and honestly it wasn't too bad. I left about 7am and pulled in my parking space about 6pm. I spent most the time on the phone with my mom recapping the week. I accidently left something behind so I spent some time on the phone working to recover it. I listened to my new CD. I saw some really pretty parts of the USA - love the mountains.