Thursday, August 26, 2010

UH oh - I have 8 more books on my summer reading list -

 I would like to tell you about something kind of fun that I did this summer.  A gal I work with has a daughter going into fourth grade.  L is just about the cutest kid, you see - big brown eyes, little curls and she has spunk.  She tells you stories that crack you up but she is sensative - I like this kid.  Well, she shared her fourth grade summer reading list with me and I ended up reading about 10 books on the list over the course of the summer.  Some I found at garage sales and some I requested from the library.  They were all easy reads usually only took a night or two to read.  But all great books. 

They were in case you want to check them out too!
The Penderwicks: a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy by Jeanne Birdsall
Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan
The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney
Bunnicula: a rabbit tale of mystery by James Howe (I actually had already read this one)
The Doll People by Ann Martin and Laura Godwin
The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School by Candace Fleming
Fourth Grade Fuss by Johanna Hurwitz
Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume
Honus and Me: a baseball card adventure by Dan Gutman
The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies
My Side of the Mountain by Jean Graighead George

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everything really is as good as you want it to be!!

Today is my birthday - boatloads of people over on FB have told me so.  So I woke up in the middle of the night and do what midle aged people do went to the bathroom.  I thought to myself - 30 Freakin 8.  (Yes I don't even cuss when I talk to myself.)  But then I started to wake up a bit and I thought wait I was born in '73 and this is 2010 so that's only 37.  Wow 37 - that's young.  That is the new 27!  I have lots of life left.  And at that moment, I realized that is pretty much how I look at my whole life.  37 is good because I could be 38.

I spent the next two hours from 1am to 3am, thinking about all my problems and then finding the bright side.  Not married - ah no dirty socks to pick up.  Small house - ah less to clean!  Old car - ah low insurance! Rambunctious child - ah happy and healthy!

Speaking of child, Is she not the most adorable girl you have seen?  Oh and I spent the rest of my awake time picking out birthday gifts for myself on Etsy.  I can always spend time there finding great stuff. 

Happy Birthday indeed! 

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

51 weeks!

D's birthday is one week from yesterday.  A whole year.  Of firsts.  Not only first holidays but first June 12ths, and December 10ths.  Even though I took about 1000 pictures - there are thousands of shots that I missed. 

I adore my child.  Being her mother fulfills every dream I have ever had in my life.  And she is a little spitfire, she is strong she drags some heavy toys around the house, already wants to help carry in the bags.  She would walk a mile to touch paper - hoping I have a future scrapbooker on my hands.  On sunday mornings when I want to read the ads, I let her have one to tear up.  Cleaning up that mess allows me 15 minutes to read the paper in peace. 

her latest cuteness is saying Hi.  it came out of nowhere. 

I could blog every day about how sweet and cute and fun she is.  And she has some beautiful blue eyes.  And she looks at lot like her momma.  her little hair around her neck has just a touch of curl to it. 

I love her more than I ever knew I could love anything.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trader Joe's - GOOD!

There are a few Trader Joe's stores close to me - mostly closer to where I shop.  Usually, I pick up a few items to add some pizzazz to my otherwise ho hum and frugal Weis shopping.  But on Christmas eve, I stopped there and had about 30 minutes before the store closed to get Christmas dinner purchased.  (There is nothing like the last minute to have you throw money at a situation!) 

I picked up meat, and veggies and whatever else.  I also bought pie crusts because I planned to make a strawberry pie.  Then Kim arrived with dessert so I saved the pie crusts.  Sunday I finally made the quiche I had been threatening to make for months now.  I used the pie crusts and a made up recipe and didn't even let the crusts thaw properly.  and guess what - It Was DELICIOUS!  This pie crust is flaky and crispy and lawd a mercy I was happy I hadnochoiceasthestoreswereclosingandIneededChristmasdinner.

This got me thinking about other TJ products that I have tried and liked.  Their Vodka cream sauce is delicious.  Their polenta is very good and so easy to work with.  It comes in a tube in the pasta/pasta sauce section of the store.  You slice it up and it can be baked or fried and then put a little sauce (or for my very italian readers - gravy) on it and some mozzarella - delish.  You can also mash it up, add a little EVOO and parmesean cheese (which brings me to another TJ recommendation - their hunks of fresh parmesean cheese is a great value at 5.99 per pound). 

Another cool thing I tried once was Naan.  Naan is a Indian flatbread and TJ's version is very good.  From their fresh foods you just buy and eat in the parking lot cause you are starving is the curried chicken salad - with some Naan!

Now please share with me your favorite TJ products and how you use them.  If you have never been to TJ's - is it because you have have none near where you live (or shop) or some other reason? 

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Febuary Wrap up with a little January thrown in prolly too!

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Well I ended the month by getting the Flea Market Style magazine that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Found it right at my little grocery store. I really enjoyed it. I did listen to Rich Dad/Poor Dad on CD on the work commute. That book really puts a damper on buying fun stuff.

What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?
Well, we got something really great at our house - this TV antenna thingie - and therefore we now have 9 channels and some weather channels. So I have seen some telly lately. My favorite is Big Bang Theory. I find Sheldon hilarious.

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends? In January I celebrated my mom's birthday by spending the day at the Tyson's and doing some shopping. 

Did you take any trips or vacations or did someone come and stay with you at your house?
We had to babysit for three precocious kids and their house is quite resort like but we were busy and did not spend any time in the huge tub with jets - maybe next time. 
What special or unusual purchases did I make? Well I had one splurge - I got the baby pink Uggs. Yes genuine Uggs - I kept trying to buy them from eBay and then one day in January I walked into Nordstrom and plunked down the Amex.  They are adorable. 
What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
I had a run in with a cold - sneezy congested coughing dizzy fever missed a few hours of work.

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
I finally sent Julia her Christmas gift and Gaby her birthday gift.  At work we always had a joke about how on your birthday someone brought you breakfast, took you out to lunch, there was cake and then you went out to dinner so you were stuffed and any other day of the year you couldn't get a stick of gum.  So I sent her birthday present from Novemebr in late February.  I bought her the Pioneer Woman cookbook. 

What were my accomplishments this month?
The aforementioned gifts in the mail. 
The baby and all her new tricks - like standing, and climbing the stairs, and waving, and clapping, and saying Mom! 

What were my disappointments this month?
I am quite sure there were some - but all in all it is all good.  I would be so thrilled if there were more comments and followers of my blog!  HINT

Anything else noteworthy to include?
The record breaking triple blizzard of 2010!!  So much snow - oh I never saw so much snow.  And I got a ticket - for having expired tags - FROM AUGUST!  Yes I drove around for 6 months with expired tags - I had no idea and went to DMV straight away to correct the situation. 

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I need to remember this...

March 2 2010. The last few weeks have been difficult. D caught a little bug and so did I, so neither of us was feeling well. Nor were we sleeping or eating or breathing. D was taking up loads during the night. I worked all weekend - babysitting the side job for three adorable but full of energy kids and a friend. I was tired! Really tired and I kept freaking out that I needed a break. And that I might not survive. All weekend she was tough but the kids would no leave her alone which just made her more grumpy - they just love her so much. See the fussy baby??

And then last night - everything fell back into place. I increased D's lunch size and she is on medicine and taking them easily. I am feeling better. I changed my sheets and worked on some laundry. D had dinner, and I even had a nice healthy dinner and then took her last bottle and then went upstairs and snuggled and fell asleep - no fighting me. no being awake at 10pm which is quite simply past my bedtime.

It felt so good to have my baby back - she is already 9 months old. She can do so many things - like say mom, and clap, and occasionally on a whim wave bye bye, and crawl and stand and go up the stairs, and she knows where we keep certain things like pacifiers. She can eat a cookie, and bananas.

And me I pray all the time - that I am teaching her good habits, that I am loving her enough, that I am lucky to have her be healthy, that I remember all these moments and capture some of them on film and video and some of them just fovever in my heart.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Julia's Christmas present got mailed today

Ok so back in December just before Christmas we had a blizzard and I had to work a lot of extra hours and that put me wayyyyyyyy behind in getting things done. So I did not mail Jules Christmas present. I should mention here that it is to the UK and required some degree of paperwork and concentration. Then in January I asked her if there was anything she wanted from the states and she wanted a McCormick Spice - that should be easy that company is only about 20 miles from my house! BUT twice when grocery shopping I forget to pick up the spice. So early feb snowmagedeon in MD starts and that sort of threw all of us for a loop. Then since Saturday Daisy and I have been fighting a cold.

So finally yesterday I go to and print out that paperwork (you know the ones that makes you list the item and the value) It was handmade Christmas ornaments - hard to put a value on them. But you need this plastic sleeve thingie to put the paperwork in and I dont't have one of those. But my mailman at the office promises to bring one to today.

I wait all day, I tell Amy and then Mary that I have to see the mailman when he comes. Because now I purchased the $35.00 postage and it is dated yesterday which means it has to go out TODAY. Wouldn't you know the boss calls and the mailman comes and goes. CURSE CURSE CURSE. Boss says meet me with paperwork so I gather the box and the printed out postage forms and run for the car. WELL it's really windy out today and pufff there goes the paperwork - I chase down one piece in a puddle.CURSE CURSE CURSE CURSE And rush to meet the boss. After I meet the boss, I make a quick stop at a chic children's consignment store (NOTHING) and grab some lunch. (Gourmet, expensive and it SUCKED - gotta love when I try to go all chic and fancy and then hate what I am eating). Next stop the post office! WRONG. I ease in front of a cop with a blinker going 23 mph and he puts his lights on. ME increduously I think?? What the did I do? CURSE CURSE Mam he says You're tags are expired - so expired I am getting ready to call a tow truck. CURSE montgomery county and your low crime where your cops have nothing better to do. YES so expired - AS IN AUGUST. I say to this little pita well that just proves what a good driver I am that I have been driving for 6 months and no ONE has noticed. he takes my license and writes the ticket. he comes back and threatens that there are 3 tickets he could write - (isn't there something in the Bill of Rights about being charged for the same crime twice) and gives me a $60.00 TICKET. I want to tell him don't threaten me - I was getting my license before you were potty trained but I refrain. So I pull away from there and drive DIRECTLY to the DMV where I renew the tags. Oh at the DMV I drop my license but thankfully someone turns it in.

So I decide I have not had enough of my fabulous govemernment workers (the cop, the DMV people) for one day and I go to the post office with my wet customs form and my missing one. AND I get in the longest slowest moving line and FINALLY it is my turn. The lady says she will copy my form and give me the little plastic thingie...

AND so now Jules Christmas presents are on their way to her. on Febuary 25th!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I like to share

I recently have stumbed upon a new blog/website/magazine called Flea Market Style. The magazine is having is premiere issue - so run right out to the store to pick one up - and then tell me what you think. OHH and to promote their newness they are having some giveaways this week - yesterday is a Lisa Leonard necklace which I really really want!! They are charm necklaces and reasonably priced. Today is a product called Vintage Textile soak which cleans your vintage textiles and gets out stains!

Also my dear blogger friend Amy is running a special on her blog/ Open Sky shop and she has asked that we pass the word. The special is for a pdf to make this doll . I don't necessarily share this because of the coupon but because I truly think everyone should check out Amy's blog. She has been very inspirational and introduced me to many projects and products. Check out the baby room stuff here, and then here she tells you the story of her first foster experience which brings tears to my eyes and ALWAYS manages to renew my faith in myself as a mom! I adore Amy and I admire her. She has introduced me to Boden! I think Boden is awesome - lots of color and comfort!!

Both of these are from Boden and I am pretty sure I need both of them!

It snowed here...

I live in the mid atlantic - we get a few 3-4 inch storms here per season - and then about every 10 years we get a blizzard but this year so far we have had three blizzards. It has been all OVER the news - I know this because stuck in the house because of said blizzard rather than being able to watch a little mindless TV - NO I had to have endless snow coverage. Dear Newpeople - I got it record breaking snow - GIVE it a freaking break. Daisy only got out once to model her snow suit.

Her lounging around apres ski clothes are way cuter...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Contests for this week!

This one from Hostess with the Mostess for jewelry - I really want a mother's necklace! End Feb 8th.

Linda Albrect - oh me oh my have you seen her stuff - she is giving away Basic Gray papers! (no defined deadline)

And Margie - is giving away some of her new Girl's Paperie line! (no defined deadline)

Let me know if you come across any!

Peg shared a few - a new to me blog, Heidi is giving away an Anthropologie gift card. PS the more comments the higher the giftcard. So march on over there. Contest runs til the 14th.

Another cool blog - Andrea owner of One Hundred Wishes is giving away some copies of Where Women Create - cool magazine.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

In winter I thrift!

On Saturday mornings in the summer, I am up and out of the house earlier than on a workday because I am a yard saler! I get a little sad about the end of October as I know another yard sale season has come to an end. During winter, I head out for some thrift stores. Last weekend I hit a consignment shop for littles - that was having a 75% off sale. I found a bunch of A DOR ABLE outfits for baby (ok only three were 75% off) and the rest $4.00. I also found a package of little missmatched sox for baby (LURVVE them) for $3.50 (I could not grab them fast enough and needless to say I felt I had SCORED.) I also hit a thrift store last weekend - my big score there was a NIP born free nipples level 3.

Today we hit the thrift store that is close to my house and does 33% off on Sundays. My big find was a Lilly Pulitzer t-shirt. It is a size 6x so I may save it or may unload it on eBay for some profit. Oh it cost .95!! I also bought 13 books - for .21 cents each!

How I do love a bargain!

Every day, I spend at least 15-20 minutes on Etsy - SUCH talent. I am going to get a running list of sellers I like:
Pretty Lil Things caught my eye tonight! Definately picking up a few things here!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another blog contest!

Have you checked out Heather Bailey lately?? She is running a contest ! I really hope I win - but hmm maybe you will. Winner picked Thursday. (No winner annouced yet)

More jewelry giveaways! I never win anything but I know if I share with Mel - she will win! Saucy is one of the most fabulous blogs! Her giveaways are amazing. This one is picked 1/29 at midnight. (OVER)

Found another one - Pioneer Woman gives away some good stuff! But you do have to compete with 20K people. (this one is over!)

This is not a contest - but pretty cool. Go here and comment!!

Ali Edwards just posted this one and it will run through Sunday the 31st! That stuff from Blue Moon Scrapbooking is gorgeous!

A tribute to Fran

On Saturday, I said goodbye to my friend Fran. At her funeral, they asked if anyone had any stories - for various reasons I did not share. But this is what I would have liked to say.

The other two guys have portrayed the giving generous kind hearted side of Fran. But Fran also had a hilarious streak.

-She is the only person that lovingly referred to people as "Crackwh0re."

-She would tell me one of the estimators - he could mess up a wet dream.

-She ran our little vending area - and when the guys would empty out her truck - inevitabily something extra would come in. She would say those guys would bring in the seats to the truck if they weren't attached.

- She was never just hungry - she was starving - she would often say - I'm about to eat the tables and chairs, or chew off my own arm.

She wasn't just a coworker. I adored her and I admired her.

- She made everyone at the offices birthday special. She baked cakes for us and got gifts for us. The reverand said if you gave her $1.00 she would spend it on someone else. THAT WAS SO TRUE.

- Someone said she didn't judge. She loved everybody for who they were - some she thought were crazy but she never tried to change them.

Alison said - she loved miniatures and that extended to people.

- Once I told her that I was pregnant, she starting telling me I needed to have a girl. She bought enough boy clothes and she needed a girl. The morning before I left for the sonogram - she said "Don't forget it needs to be a girl" She was so happy when I got back and said "It's a Girl!" That was a Friday - Monday I came in to the office and was welcomed with a BIG bag of Gymboree clothes - all pink!

In life, you have friends and you have family and you have acquaintences. And then you have people that make you wonder what did I ever do to have someone so wonderful come into my life. Fran was one of those people.

Forever Missed!
If I could add songs to this blog, I would play Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson, Cryin' for Me by Toby Keith and Go Rest High on the Mountain by Vince Gill - all played at the service and they were so touching.

Monday, January 25, 2010

An online contest for stuff I love!

If you win, share with me. If you know of other blog giveaways. let me know and I will add to the post. There used to be a whole blog about blog giveaways but she shut down - anyone know of another one?

And now what you really come for -

Monday, January 11, 2010

December in Review

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Second Glance by Jodi Picoult - not that great. She is definately a writer that got better.
What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?
You know, we don't have cable at my house so we rely on DVD's and the computer. I was so busy the first half of the month did not watch much of anything. During the Christmas holidays, we watched Four Christmases, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Julie & Julia. All very chick movies and the only one I slightly recommend is Julie & Julia. I had high hopes for Girlfriends Past as I love Jennifer Garner and Matthew McC... it had a few cute lines and I still wonder why his Uncle called him "Dutch"?

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?
Perhaps my favorite was the office holiday party. I brought the baby to work - along with Nanny Grandma. I planned the menu, I bought the prizes. Things I will plan farther in advance - christmas music and how to do the give aways. But all in all it was a nice party. I truly love the company that I work for - really great people.

Did you take any trips or vacations or did someone come and stay with you at your house?
The end of the month, we headed up to NJ for a few days, visited with Jeff and checked on my mom's house. It was pretty quiet.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

I will have to double check my amex - I really did not go crazy at Christmas. A few gifts for mom, a few for Jeff, something for Grammy and Grandpoppopa. Nothing for Daisy - oh well. I decorated the tree all for her. (Niki a picture for you!) I thought it was stunning and oh gee Jan 15 and it is still up!

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
None that I can think of.
What gifts did I give and/or receive?
Lots of wonderful Christmas presents.
What were my accomplishments this month?

What were my disappointments this month?

one small item - the ornament swap that I hosted did not get returned as planned. Oh and well there is some disappointment in my life with my bf/Daisy's dad. But I am not ready to talk about that quite yet. It is a long and winding road and I am not sure where I am along that road. Time will tell. (You see my life is not all pink Daisy's and baby smiles - but my blog is)
Anything else noteworthy to include?

There was a humongoud cowaboungous blizzard in Maryland in December. A good 24 inches - I worked the whole weekend BUT I got extra time off later in the week around Christmas so it was a great trade off.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


How do you measure a year? in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee...

I have been thinking about this post - and a FB (more on FB later) friend posted this song and I thought it was the perfect way to describe this year.

2009 was the most amazing wonderful happy joyous fabulous year for me - all due to the birth of my amazing daughter! I have always wanted to be a mom from 4 years old playing with my doll Mandy to every little face I babysat for (50-75 children) made me want to be the mom. Throughout my pregnancy, I was so happy but scared too! The day I gave birth to Daisy - there just are no words.

The first week after - was then the darkest time in my life - all the stress of pregnancy and delivery, with all the overwhelmed feeling of being a new mom, throw in the lack of sleep and I lost it. I had to seel medical treatment because mentally I was not well. Post partum is a very scary feeling and luckily I got quick treatment and was back on track quickly. I had to stay overnight at the funny farm at the local hospital. It was at this hospital that I met two angels on earth. The first was my delivery nurse - she was so perfect! the second was a security guard who just gave me some great advice. He reassured me. I think about the other moms that I met and wonder how they are doing. I pray for them - that they are recovering, getting good medical care.

Another great thing about 2009 - I was truly "showered" with love. So So many people truly showered me with all the things I needed for a new baby. and things I needed to survive with a new baby. Each time I use a gift I feel that person helping me and taking care of both baby d and I.

Only one other notable things in 2009 - Facebook! To me the greatest invention thus far in the millienium! I love that I can connect with my friend Chad who my mom babysat for when I was about a year old and now lives in Zambia (which I would not be able to locate on a map) to Amy who sits one desk away from me. Family and Friends and quick updates! I love that I now know more on a day to day basis how the people that have been special in my life from Ambler drive, to elementary school, to high school, to college, to ALL my scrapbook peeps to my family are doing.

If you have read this far - please take a moment to comment - it would make me happy to know who is reading and who even cares when I update! PLEASE.

and now some baby cuteness photo by