Monday, June 02, 2008

Sex and the City!

I must preface this by saying - I do not go to the movies ever! The last movie I watched in the theatre was Cars. But I had to see Carrie, Miranda, Samatha and Charlotte. It had been on my calendar for weeks. I bought the tickets online around noon - I had even convinced Ernie to see it. The promise of some nudity was his draw.

It was fabulous! I do not want to give anything away but it was fabulous. The fashion delivered, oh the shoes, I laughed, I cheered and I cried. It was so good that I could have sat and watched it again. Go with your girlfriends, get dressed up, have a cosmo and then see the movie. The girls that not only made it okay to be thirty and single but the girls that made it fabulous and fashionable!!!

The rest of the weekend was perfect by my standards, yard sales Saturday morning, a rain shower in the afternoon so I got some creative time and riding the Harley all day Sunday. We got caught in the rain which did take some of the fun and coolness out of it but Ernie's mom bought us new dry clothes so it ended well. It was great to go to bed last night and be really tired from the sun and the fresh air.

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