Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My summer reading list...

This summer I read 18 books! I think that is a lot. I always had a book going and I read just about every night. This was the summer I found Jodi Piccoult. I started the summer reading Change of Heart which was amazing. Also by Jodi I read Nineteen Minutes, Picture Perfect and Vanishing Acts - all good but not like Change of Heart.

I also read Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas Sparks - which I loved - it is a memoir and learning so much about a man that writes truly great love stories was so intriging. Which led to a whole Nicholas phase, Nights in Rodanthe (I did not even know that a movie was coming?), A Bend in the Road, & The Rescue.

It is not summer with out a few trashy ones - Pink Slip, How to Sleep with a Movie Star. Belly Laughs by jenny McCarthy - I wanted to love it because I have always liked her - I HATED IT. A little mystery with Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich.

One that was surprising was Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld - that a man could so clearly understand a young girls psyche - it was fascinating.

Another surprising author that I found and really enjoyed is Alexander McCall Smith with No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and The Kalahari Typing School for Men. The dialect was hard to understand but in the end I liked that I had to work a little harder to become absorbed in them.

One thought provoking one that I already blogged about was The Next Thing on My List. I finally read the five people you meet in heaven and found that soo interesting and so thought provoking.

I finished the summer with The Daring Book for Girls. If you have a 10 year old daughter get her this book - it is filled with information that every girl should know.

All of this reading has made me really want to join a Book Club - does anyone know of a book club looking for members or one that I could just try for a month? Does anyone else want to maybe start a Book Club?


M*J*C said...

WOW!!! 18 books IS A WHOLE LOT!!! I love to read, but in all honesty,all of the books I end up liking have "pink" covers (code for chic lit!!)! I have read a few good running books this summer, and right now I'm finishing up a book called "Candy Girl". I was written by the girl that wrote the movie "Juno", it's about her life as a stripper...go figure!!! It's a great book though, it was perfect to read on the way to Las Vegas!!! LOL!
I might try one of those Jodi Piccoult books, might be too serious for me though!

Niki said...

I really liked "the Five People you Meet in Heaven" in fact, i'm planning on blogging about it eventually. And the No 1 Ladies Detective was wonderful as well. Congrats on so much reading!