Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No great title comes to mind

Just a quick update on my weekend -

Friday night, Ernie went to the track and Deisel and I hung at home - I got caught up on Army Wives on the net - great show. I did go to the a different thrift store and found a whole pile of cool clothes - they have no dressing room which irritated me - but luckily everything was a good fit.

Saturday I hit a whole section of Crofton that was having yard sales and they were great!! Man I got good stuff - One cool thing was a mini shopping cart - I have no clue what I plan to do with it but I liked it. I also got another Jodi book, two apothocary jars (big ones for $1.00) and two new t-shirts. After yard sales, we got the Harley and the dog and headed to Waldorf for the day. My first priority was Material Girls Quilt Shop to check out Heather Bailey fabric. We took the motorcycle so granted I couldn't buy a lot but I had planned to buy some to send to last weeks blog winners. I get there and walk around and walk around - the store is pretty, they have neat examples, there are a few other shoppers - so finally I walk up the cutting table where three women are sort of leaning/lounging on it and finally they take notice of me. I tell them I would like to see the Heather Bailey fabric and they say "it is not out yet". I am kind of puzzled so I question that you mean you don't have any or it is not available to the stores yet? No they have three boxes in the back BUT they have not put it on the floor and will be out in a few days. I say I drove from Laurel to see this (49 miles) and that it is not an option to come back. So I ask well can I see what is in the back? At this point, I am so freaking shocked that I am a customer with money in a store (a small private store) speaking with the person I think is the owner and they have what I want to buy but are making no moves to sell it to me??? UH What? Is this store a front - is there a gambling ring in the back?? I left with nothing and WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE. When I asked if they had the patterns - they referred me to the website? Gee the website - hmmm why didn't I think of that - maybe because all I ever hear is support your local small stores - well I tried that!! Store owners - take note! Heather Bailey - take note!

We did a little more riding - caught up with his parents. Headed back to their house to run around with Diesel and wear him out - Ernie chases him with the motorcycle and tires him out and he gets some much needed exercise. I take pictures.

Sunday we were lazy for a good portion of the day, and then went to see Hancock. It was a good mix of action and storyline with some good comedic lines.


Niki said...

1. a pox on that store
2. how do you travel with the dog on a cycle?

Megan said...

2. Sidecar - just kidding - we took the truck, put the bike on a trailer and trailered it down while we and dog rode in the truck. We leave the dog at Ernie's parents while we ride (the Harley) around town and then truck home. I 1. don't like to leave the dog home all day which is why we do this and 2. don't like to ride the harley on the beltway and for hours at a time. I'm getting to old for that!

M*J*C said...

Seriously? That is THE WORST customer service ever! Apprently then do not shop at Nordstroms and have never worked where YOU work, because if they did they would know "Do whatever it takes to make the customer happy and sell, sell, sell!!!!"