Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The trip to Ocean Shitty!

Well Friday morning, we started heading down the Ocean, hon! I was not that enthused cause let's just say in the last 25 years Ocean Shitty has not really improved, the traffic is terrible, parking is almost non existent, and the hotels gouge you cause they are all dives that only have a few weeks a year to make their money. We ended up staying at the Ocean Mecca (photo courtesy of whflood from Flickr). I think this shot is gorgeous - I really did not remember the hotel being so lovely.

But it ended up being a perfect vacation for Ernie and me! We relaxed, we ate yummy junk food, we went on rides, we shopped in cute little stores, we walked up and down the boardwalk, we slept and then took naps.

I must mention that on Friday on the way down we stopped at one of the BEST antique stores called "Goose on the Roof". It is on route 50 just before Salisbury in Hebron. The owners are so nice, the selection is awesome - lots of shabby chic LOTS and the best part the prices are very reasonale. I found another button jar (yes I realize that I have a weird addiction), some childrens blocks and a pink wire basket thing. Ernie even got into it and really liked all the cool stuff that they had out front. Friday night we did watch the fireworks and then proceeded to run back 18 blocks to our hotel in the rain.

Saturday the weather was a little iffy but we did something really fun - we rented a surry on the boardwalk. It was so much fun - it was like being in a parade. I highly recommend the guy at the 14th street bike shop. He was really nice and had a great sense for business. After that we went out for breakfast and then rode some rides at the Jolly Roger Pier. I got on the Ferris Wheel - I am not afraid of heights but it did make me a little nervous. Oh and we ate more junk food and walked up and down the boardwalk 10 more times.

Sunday we hit the Jolly Roger waterpark as soon as it opened and here I found the most perfect place on earth. First because we got there so early we pretty much hit all the good rides with very little lines. So they have this ride called Stealth - it does not say what it is when you head up there. The guy running the ride is harness in - like he is going mountain climing. Of the 6 people in front of us in line - 4 yes 4 backed out. I was really nervous - but I really like water rides so when it was my turn I just marched up there sat in my tube and held on (oh and did not look down) It was steep and I screamed like a girl all the way down but man it was fun. But back to heaven. I love LOVE LOVE hot tubs jacuzzis etc but in the summer when you skin is a little burned it is just not the best feeling. Well, I see something tucked away called a bubble pool. I know I have to get in - and then my foot touches the water and it is cold! OH heaven I could have shouted - it felt like heaven. I stayed there all by my lonesome for at least half hour and quite frankly I could have stayed all day. I contimplated getting a raft and lying in there.

Sunday night, we went for a beautiful dinner at Fager's Island. I had never been there before as I am a boardwalk junk food kind of girl. It is very crowded but our waiter was very nice and dinner was delicious. For appetizer we had steamed shimp and for dinner we had steak and crab cake. The steak was so perfectly cooked it melted in our mouths. Of course we were too full for dessert.

Another perfect summer weekend!!

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browneyedgirl said...

Aw man, can you two adopt me? I can't believe you had soooo much fun without me. LOL
You two look adorable. Glad to hear that you had a blast. Can't wait to see you though....
Tell E-man I say "HI".