Monday, November 13, 2006

My God three weeks!

How could I let three weeks go by without posting? That is so annoying.

You will never believe what I did this weekend - set up my Christmas tree! I know CRAZY. I told my mom there is some guy standing on his balcony looking across the little patch of trees thinking "Is that an effing Christmas tree?" But the thing of it is, that if I didn't do it now, I wouldn't have time to put one up this year. I have a lot of travel to get ready for this year.

Well I started the post above on November 13th and here it is December 2nd and I am just getting back to posting it. So what has been keeping me busy?

I went to NYC for 5 days over Thanksgiving. It was terrific. I saw three shows, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, The Producers, and a Chorus Line. I went to dinner at Tavern on the Green, where the funniest thing of the whole five days happened. (ok aside note - my mom is hilarious - she can just be so honest and asks the question that everyone else is thinking.) So we get to TOTG and they say half hour wait and that is fine, so we wonder around a little, then we are called and we follow the hostess to a table in the middle of the room, and I say my do you want to sit here or around the other side of the table and my mom says "Where? With these people?" It was hilarious. Her reaction was so funny. Literally we were sitting at a table with another couple. We sat down kind of looked at each other and smiled politely and tried to ignore the elephant in the room. Mom told them not to discuss business. Finally I said she we just address the elephant and introduce ourselves. So we got to talking and there were delightful and guess what - they love the Gilmore Girls too! It was the tie that bind us! We discussed the Rory, Logan, Luke, Loralei, Christopher story for awhile. It was very fun!

Then last week it was back to the grind, plus I babysat every night after work.

This morning I started posted stuff on eBay. I thought it might be a good way to clean out the house and make a few bucks for Christmas shopping. My ebay name is mgerrity_01 if you want to check out my junk oops I mean treasure.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Can you believe...

That it has been TWO whole months since many of us were flying in for CE. Two months - did that just fly or what! The two months prior to CE did not go by that fast. I starting working on a little album with me CE pics in it yesterday. I am just trying to get background paper and photos and a few simple embellies down - I figure I can add the glitz and glamour for the next 60 years - but it would be nice to share these memories while it is still fresh. I still get giddy thinking about how much fun I had, and how awesome it was to finally get to meet Heidi and for me to meet donna downey was so awesome too! My paper boy was Wow - what a great guy! He could not have been nicer and more accomodating to all of the women there! And what a cutie - those blue eyes - adorable!