Saturday, September 27, 2008


On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet and hear Mike Lipkin and his great motivational speech entitled One Life, One Meeting. The premise is improving how engaged you are in each meeting and elevating your listening with the goal being having everyone win and reach their goals.

The one question that was asked of me was "What percent of the time are you at your personal best?" I am pretty sure he said at work. I had described that time as enthusiastic. I thought about it - I was in the room with all of my co-workers and supervisors. My answer was less than 20%. Just one day a week. And how much of that time are you miserable. about the same and the rest I am just showing up. It was hard to admit that but harder to be dishonest. Mike (the speaker - were like that now - on first name basis) asked my co-workers if it were true and they agreed. That interaction has been on my mind the rest of the week.

People - always say what would you do if you knew you could not fail. Stay at home in my jammies sounds so pathetic?

The rest of his conversation (that's what it was - it was not a speech) was just as thought provoking. He had a way of drawing you out without you feeling as though you were on the spot. I highly recommend hearing Mike speak if you ever have the chance. And I leave you with this thought - "when the fire goes out, that is when the predators come in."


browneyedgirl said...

Wow, that was too deep for me. I didn't get much sleep last night. Grace fell asleep at 5 PM and then was quite perky and of course hungry at midnight.
Just got finished digging a ditch with hubby, highly recommend it to promote marital bliss...NOT!

Niki said...

If i could do anything knowing that i wouldn't fail?...
hmmmmmmm... i really like my job, but given the oppurtunity i would either try to do art for a living or become a professional skydiver.

Niki said...

OFF TOPIC - I love the new banner!