Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prepare to be delighted

You know when you happen upon something so great that you just want to share it with everyone you know - the first time you had Rita's - didn't you leave saying "Taste this - ohmigod so good - you gotta taste this!"

That is how I felt when Stacy J showed me the way to Heather Bailey's store and blog. "Ohmigod - so great so beautiful I need to learn to sew right stinkin now. I know Mary E put her in the magazine a few months back and I read the article and I loved it. But now you can buy the stuff. And it is some gorgeous stuff. (I stole this photo but blog posts need photos - she wont mind - it is totally hers - it just radiates what she is all about!)

I have a confession - shopping online is hard for me - I need to see and touch and be immersed - and the whole shopping experience itself. I like to meet artists and see their displays. So guess what - these are the stores that carry Heathers stuff. I have to go to LaPlata all the time and I had never even heard of Material Girls. You can bet I will go there soon!

If you love it too, can I hear an AMEN!!


Jennifer said...

Amen sister! Her stuff is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Niki said...

I LOVE her color palette!

Karen said...

I agree it is beautiful stuff. Let us know when you check it out in person. I have a huge fabric stash that I just look it. It is sinful to have so much stuff and never use it. I am taking a beginners quilting class in the fall so maybe I'll learn how to do something with it all.

M*J*C said...

I'll give you an AMEN on that for sure!
Very cute, and I bet that store in LaPlata is awesome!

browneyedgirl said...

I feel your pain girlfriend. I need another therapeutic shopping session with the gal who never gets lost in the mall. I need some new clothes. I guess I'll have to wait for NY.