Thursday, June 19, 2008

This time yesterday I had never even heard of Norma Anne

Now her and her wedding - it is all I can think about. Yes I do have an addictive personality.

I got this email yesterday morning

Okay, this is cute but corny. I know I really should be cleaning or organizing or something! There is a couple in Florida who are trying to win a dream wedding. She is a SCRAPPER and needs our support. There is another couple who also is recieving a lot of votes. Supposedly the other couple is posting lots of trash about them and occusing them of cheating. The whole story of the drama can be read on two peas (of course!): Anyhow, she seems to have a pretty good lead but the voting does not end until noon on the 20th. Check out the site, it has there story and of course their photo whichhappens to be a scrapbook page! Click on their link and it leads you to their story and the place to cast your vote. I just leave the page up and hide it in the bottom bar thingy. You can vote every 12 minuteswhich I am not asking you to sit all day at the computer, just vote when you walk buy or something. Let's help a fellow scrapper out!!!!! ;-) THanks!

It was forwarded to my friend Jeanne from a gal named Mindy who i don't know either.

So I clicked on the link and voted.

Then I clicked on the message board link and OH my god it was all down hill from there. I now know more about Norma Anne and Henry and Katrina and Matt (the 2nd place couple) and internet voting cheating and the and and WOW

We interupt this addiction for a new one - addicted and easily swayed that's me - Kristi Sikora Blankenship has a blog and a newsletter and she is teaching a class!!!!!!!! I loved her at Scrap Etc - her energy and her live this life now and her glue and go - LOVED LOVED LOVED IT all - Her summer album - cute cute cute.


Yellow Fence said...

Kristi is an awesome teacher. I hope a bunch of people take her class so she'll continue to offer them.

browneyedgirl said...

I did vote for Norma Anne, anything to help out a fellow scrapper...
Sorry I've been absent my PC is still at the Doctor's and it needs a new power source. Hopefully that won't take too long...

Thanks for updating your blog, sorry mine's been dormant. I will be back (in my best Arnold voice!)