Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just met a cool, creative gal

and I want to introduce her to all of you.

Background: this morning I woke up with a sore back and since I am going to a concert today, I needed to pop some pills and lay with the heating pad. Which once I checked emails, ebay, and my blog for comments led to some surfing. I then met Linda after I had saved several of her pictures for referring to - I knew I had to share her creativity. Maybe you all know her already. Her scrapbook pages are gorgeous and I look that I would love to try. Two things about her pages that spoke to me - she has children over the age of 20 and she uses some older photos (black and whites and those early color shots that are grainy) I love those. THEN there are her 3D projects which are amazingly gorgeous - they do not look handmade at all. To me they are phenonemal.

I really like her music choices too - they are songs I probably never would have heard. I feel as though I was just invited into her home and she had some candles lit and she made me a cup of tea and she had some music playing and we had a conversation. And she shared some of her creavity with me. It was a wonderful feeling.

I am going to try to add music to my blog - in engages another sense - and makes it feel so much more personal. I am just loving meeting Linda this morning - I think I will get back to her - maybe she will magically pull something out of the oven for us to share.

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Becca said...

LOVE all her stuff! : )
I miss you--how's life?!?
Hope your back is better soon!