Monday, June 09, 2008

Heat Wave

I love the summer and I love the hot but last night was the end of what I could stand and the dog was begging me - so I turned the air on! It is not pretty when a pit bull just lies in front of the fan and every once in awhile looks at you like why you trying to kill me momma? Around 9:30, when it was time to go to the bedroom and sleep, I decided the dog needed the air. And it did feel delicious.

I spent the whole day at home on Sunday I had a pile of laundry like you would not believe and the laundry room right next to the craft room - and I had a new set of Will and Grace DVD's - so in between putting stuff in the washer and the dryer, I crafted and watched Will & Grace. I was getting ready for a class I am teaching on Wednesday - oh these little creative cafe albums are going to be so cute. If you order from there, say Hi to Marty in the comments - he is so nice with the greatest southern accent! And you get your stuff fast!

Saturday I hit the yardsales and I got some GOOOOD stuff. A few baby things for Sammy, a retro pin, a book, and then the motherload of JCrew clothes 3 tshirts, a sweatshirt and 2 sweaters all for $16.00 - I was telling Ernie and said that would be like... and he said "more than $50.00 at Walmart!" He does know my love for JCrew. Then I hit a few more with nothing - then an estate type sale - evidently the folks were moving and I got a whole box of kitchen towels for a buck, and another apothacary jar (this makes 5), and a little tupperware pitcher and another Button tin. I then stopped at bath and Body works for the sale, got a pedicure and then went grocery shopping - I did not get home until 3 - yikes. We went to a local dive bar for dinner and to watch the Belmont Stakes.

I did not make it on the Harley all weekend so I can only classify the weekend as great (the pedicure really pulls up the ranking!)


Anonymous said...

Even before reading it..this is the feel good movie of the year, great summer fun! sure fire blockbuster!!! NYtimes best seller. I LOVE YOU! Gaby

browneyedgirl said...

sounds like fun. Man I wish I had been there, so jealous. I miss garage/yard saleing, and I've only gone once with you.
I also need a pedi badly but being sick and all I am glad I put off making the spa appointment. I haven't really found a good oriental place for pedi's here in town. You'll have to come back and help me find one. How many pedicures can we squeeze into a week?