Thursday, September 11, 2008

Proud to be an American

Today will forever be one of those days were you reflect on the USA, the world, and your own life. I can distinctly remember so many things about that day. It was a beautiful morning - sun shining. I had pretty much just arrived at work when the radio and internet starting talking about the planes. I came home that night and sat on the couch and watched the news. There just are words to describe the magnitude those events had on our lives. But weirdly, I liked the country that we were in the days following. People put out flags and yellow ribbons. People were a little nicer. We were all so thankful that days started to go by and new tradegies had not occurred. We were working through the pain. Seven years later, we have kind of gone back a little. We are comfortable again. We had other major things happen.

Ernie's little brother is serving - so daily I have a constant reminder that the flags still are flying. That there are yellow ribbons on houses. Ernie misses him so much and it is so hard to have him be away and always worrying that something bad could happen.

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M*J*C said...

So true. I remember getting to work that morning too, and then everything changed. It's sad that it took something so awful for everyone to be so patriotic, and then that eventually faded. Makes me want to go buy a flag!