Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer weekends - happen so fast...

Summer weekends - havin' a blast!

Well another weekend flies by. Friday night I treated myself to a pedicure, some shopping at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale and a visit to Trader Joe's. I broke the first rule of grocery shopping - I went when I was starving and I bought a whole bunch of stuff.

Saturday, I had to have some work done on my house. I was able to hit a few yard sales but only picked up some jeans. I did other stuff - but it eludes me now - oh ran errands - read my book - relaxed - cleaned the house - surfed the web - ebay (still totally addicted to selling all my goodies there!)

Sunday Ernie and I headed down to Waldorf and then went for a long bike ride just the two of us. We went to Solomon's Island. On the way home, we unfortunately got caught in the rain - we just pulled over and waited it out. It was kind of romantic to be holed up under an awning with the thunder, lightning and rain and just the two of us. Ernie is so strong - that he always makes me feel protected. It is a wonderful feeling. We got home and then went to dinner (not before dragging the guys to AC Moore) with his parents - we went to Texas Roadhouse! OMG - their food is so good - I could make a whole meal of the sweet tea, rolls and cinnamon butter. I tried to score some steak bones for the dog but no luck! Steak places should get smart to that and start selling their trash as dog treats - I would have paid for it!

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Niki said...

What a lovely weekend.