Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend with my mom

Late Wednesday night, my mom called to see if I had plans for the weekend and would I like for her to come for the weekend. Her next door neighbor was coming to U of M to see her daughter - also named Meghan. My mom arrived about 8:00 or so Friday night. We unpacked her bags, she had brought down lots of fruits and veggies and groceries from New Jersey. Around 10, I was exhausted but my mom wasn't so I gave her a whole pile of books to read.

Saturday morning we were up and out early for a day of bargain shopping. There was a yard sale advertised in Bethesda for a clothes addict - there were a lot fof clothes and jewelry but unfortunately not quite anything for us. We hit a few more in Bethesda and then headed to Olney. I ended the yard sales with a christmas book (.10), the book tuesdays with morrie (.10), some new toiletries and such (17.00),

We then headed to Gaithersburg to go to a consignment shop that I had found on the internet. It was amazing - they had so much nice stuff - all good designers, all in perfect shape, and well all priced accordingly. They had the Louie bag that I have been dying for - it retails for $1000 for $650.00 - yes a good price but $650.00 is still more than my car payment. I did not end up purchasing anything from the store but I do intend to visit again. We hit another consignment shop that we stumbled upon by accident and I did get a Lilly P cardigan sweater in bright pink (will look adorable with my vera bradley pink pinwheel collection).

Back in Laurel, we went to my usual thrift store - it was packed both with people and with merchandise. I got a gorgeous cotton rayon sweater brand new with the theory tag still on it that says retail $195.00 for $6.98, some men's origins products, and a magazine. I normally go there on Monday's but I think I will have to go there through out the week. This was the store where I scored the Daring Book for Girls for $1.30. I know someone that works there and she says they don't put new stuff out on Sunday's and Mondays so a good day to go is Tuesday. And I swear when I say their merchandise is always changing.

We pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. My mom did me a huge favor and hemmed a pair of pants for me. Ernie went to the grocery store and got a great deal on steaks and cooked dinner for mom and me - which was a great treat.

My mom headed out about 3 on Sunday and I swear I laid on the couch the rest of the day.

It was a great weekend.


Glo said...

Hey, Meggers!

Miss ya like crazy! Anyway, what are the dates for the NY trip again? Dave's outta town from 3/15 thru 3/29 so if it's between that time I'm screwed. Talk to you soon!

M*J*C said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You always find such great bargains!! Thanks for your help with the Staten Island stuff, totally appreciate it! Have a great week!

heatherbell said...

You are so lucky - I wish I could hunt for "treasures" with you!