Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking things off the list, lots of lists

My mom has been here a week helping us to get ready and unfortunately Mother's Day was just filled with more preperations. We took a 3 session birthing class - the first one I had to leave a little early to get to the shower, Saturday was good and I stayed the whole time and Sunday was really quick paced which I loved. There were a few minutes of quizzing us and I wished there had been more of that - I feel like when you are quizzed you really know it.

Saturday we had to return something at Buy Buy Baby (those stores just overwhelm me! There are 4000 things but yet only one of something I need. I am better at a Yard Sale - one choice and the price is right!) We then got some lunch at Whole Foods, did a little more shopping and headed home. I was just so tired.

Sunday we grocery shopped - it was bad - I had fed the dog table food FOR THREE meals. I watched Marley and Me last night - my dog is the opposite of Marley. He is patient and gentle, and rarely barks (only when he means it) and I just know he is going to be a good protector of the baby. He eats whatever I put in his bowl and if I am out of food he just rolls with it. We made a nice dinner for Mother's Day but nothing very special.

Last night, we worked on the car seat. We are borrowing this from another family and so we had no directions. Luckily Ernie is a very mechanical thinker and he figured out how to move the straps, add the extra head protectors and how to get it out of the base. Now we just have to install the bases into the car and we are done with that part.

My suitcase for the hospital is slowly getting done - when I come across something that I think I might need or want, I put it in. I have no clothes in there but most of the easy to forget items are there. There are a few things I will have to add at the last minute.

Like I said checking things off the list.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I am truly blessed

Sunday was my third shower - this time with all of my wonderful friends from work and my mom and Ernie's mom were able to attend as well. The wonderful wife of my boss hosted it at her beautiful home. The super fun part is several of the younger girls were there (many of whom I babysit) and they were so excited to play the games and to show me the scrapbook. Gaby (you may remember two short years ago, I planned her shower) planned all the extras, as well as sent out the invites, and just worked endlessly to make it a really special party. All this and she is due with her second the end of June - it's a girl - we plan to have Daisy and Emily be the best of friends.

This photo shows the girls and I competing to put a diaper on the doll with one hand behind our back. OK I won but I was not about to be beat by a nine year old. And I admit I was sweating it a little. Lily before the game had the best quote "I don't even know how to put on a diaper with two hands!" Lily is all personality!

Again my little fashionista got oodles of cutie cutie outfits - including little needlework bunny slippers that were adorable. She got some great books too. And a few practical gifts too!

It was a fabulous party!

Saturday mornings...

where you'll find me is at the yard sales. I really love the thrill of the hunt - sure I could run to target and get everything I need in one fell swoop. but not for 90% off which is the average savings at the yard sales. Sometimes it's 80%. But considering the best I can do in the real world is 10-20% off. Today was no different - my mom and I (yes I drug her out - I offered to come back and pick her up but she did not want to miss the sales) headed to Piney Orchard Community Center - easily 75-100 vendors and loads of people. We picked up a few things - a frame, a photo album, oooh the diaper pail that I was registered for (for 90% off). My mom found a great cardigan sweater. Left there very happy. Next stop - a dud can't even remember what we found.

Then we headed to the other end of the spectrum - the Landon Azelea Festival. Their shopping area is gorgeous - lots of really preppy stuff, monogram's galore, pink and green galore, adorable baby things. Getting ready for the baby has made me a little more tight with the money so i did not end up buying anything but browsing was lots of fun.

We next headed to a friends car party. It is a BBQ where people arrive in their great cars, bikes etc and park in the yard and show off engines and kick tires. Eat some food and that is the party. It was lots of fun.

I ended the day with a pedicure!