Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Contest for the month of August

As evidenced by how many people accessed Ashley's photos through my blog (I really want to get one of those sidebar tells me who is accessing my blog and from where thingies - can someone tell me how to do that??) I know that I have a lot of readers but I don't get a lot of comments. Let's be honest - comments are the bloggers crack. It is how we determine if we are talking to ourselves. I have asked (begged) for comments. I tell my friends and family "Hey please comment if you check out my blog!"

So with that in mind, I introduce "Comment Contest"! For the month of August, anyone who comments on my blog will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Starbucks. There will probably be random prizes throughout the month too. DO NOT COMMENT TODAY - THEY WILL NOT COUNT. This is only for the whole month of August.

Maybe you are uncertain as what to say - these all count - Hey girl! or Funny! Cute (although I do hate that word) Your silly! These are all valid comments.

Now I look forward to hearing from you all month!


Niki said...

I am commenting today, eventhough it doesn't count, cause i love commenting!

heatherbell said...

Have you figured out how to track who's looking? I want to do that do. I was in the grocery the other day, and a woman stopped and said she reads my blog - OK - weird, but cool!