Monday, March 28, 2011

Yard sale season has begun!

This past Saturday was the first Saturday we hit the Sales!  Of course, we got a later start and had to drive to Arlington to attend the Tossed and Found Sale.  We bought NOTHING.  It was very light on children's items, very very dark (my Mom thought she accidently had her sunglasses on), Daisy was not happy in her stroller, and prices were high.  There was a pile of jeans marked $10.00 per pair, but not seperated by size so I was going to be digging for a while and the first pair I picked up were from Old Navy meaning they retailed at the bright clean store for what 16.50?  My opinion was definately the minority as people were leaving with bagfuls!

Next I headed to the Wee Sale in Annapolis.  Again I bought nothing but only because I only need a few things for Daisy, really looking for toys.  I did find a Gap embroidered jean jacket that I loved but $27.00 and no willingness to discount turned me off a little.  They did a really cool thing and seperated out all of the gymboree clothes but when I walked in did not mention it, so I could have easily missed it. 

Since we were in Annapolis, we headed to Return to Oz Consignment store.  This store never disappoints.  I found 5 great pieces for Daisy including a mini Boden beach cover up - so cute!!  Since I am not a single digit clothing size, clothes for me can be tough but I found a great pair of Seven jeans for me - for $15.00 and a pair of ferragamo shoes too!

Photos coming soon...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I miss the most

On April 7, 2006, (I still have my confirm email!) I signed up to attend the inaugural Creative Escape.  I loved Heidi Swapp.  I spent the next 5 months first working to get the money to pay for this trip (a LOT of babysitting) and second participating in a yahoo group with swapps (weren't we clever!), circle journals, and matching t-shirts and hats and tours and trips.  It was a day that forever changed the course of my life and the event was better than I ever thought possible.  The friends I made, I still keep in touch with (Hi Peg! and of course Mel! and Julia English, CFE (who I miss soooooooo much), kathleen L, Kristin, ).  I traveled to see some of them.  When I plan a vacation, I make an effort to get together with some.  Many sent gifts and cards and emails when Daisy girl was born.

And lately I have found myself missing those friends, and the swapps, and just my whole scrapping world.  Peggy blogged about it too.  We had no idea when we signed up, what we would become a part of.  How women from around the world would meet for a weekend and connect over a love of paper and glue.  I had been a SU demo for years and never made friends like that (even my fellow demos and I weren't all that close). 

The next two years we went to Vancouver, and then CE again (where I added the shopping tour and I have to say that was one of the most fun days of my WHOLE life), and then Scrap Etc in Nashville and then I got pregnant (we did do a NYC trip that was smaller but still lots of fun!!!). 

But nothing has ever compared to that first event...

Monday, March 14, 2011

way too long

after 6 months of not one word, this could either be a novella or super brief.  The long and short is Facebook, blogging fell to the FB side.  But FB does not allow me the freedom to just drone on and on...  so maybe I am back. 

all is well, I have some great stories to share.  But it's late - I'm only even up this late cause of DST. 

Upcoming blog posts are Things I hate, Gearing up for spring yard Sales,  my very deep and symbolic dream, royal wedding(or am I the only one who has contemplated taking off April 29 from work to watch it in all it's morning suit glory?).  If anyone is actually reading this comment about which one you would like to read first.