Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Contest for the month of August

As evidenced by how many people accessed Ashley's photos through my blog (I really want to get one of those sidebar tells me who is accessing my blog and from where thingies - can someone tell me how to do that??) I know that I have a lot of readers but I don't get a lot of comments. Let's be honest - comments are the bloggers crack. It is how we determine if we are talking to ourselves. I have asked (begged) for comments. I tell my friends and family "Hey please comment if you check out my blog!"

So with that in mind, I introduce "Comment Contest"! For the month of August, anyone who comments on my blog will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Starbucks. There will probably be random prizes throughout the month too. DO NOT COMMENT TODAY - THEY WILL NOT COUNT. This is only for the whole month of August.

Maybe you are uncertain as what to say - these all count - Hey girl! or Funny! Cute (although I do hate that word) Your silly! These are all valid comments.

Now I look forward to hearing from you all month!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer weekends - happen so fast...

Summer weekends - havin' a blast!

Well another weekend flies by. Friday night I treated myself to a pedicure, some shopping at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale and a visit to Trader Joe's. I broke the first rule of grocery shopping - I went when I was starving and I bought a whole bunch of stuff.

Saturday, I had to have some work done on my house. I was able to hit a few yard sales but only picked up some jeans. I did other stuff - but it eludes me now - oh ran errands - read my book - relaxed - cleaned the house - surfed the web - ebay (still totally addicted to selling all my goodies there!)

Sunday Ernie and I headed down to Waldorf and then went for a long bike ride just the two of us. We went to Solomon's Island. On the way home, we unfortunately got caught in the rain - we just pulled over and waited it out. It was kind of romantic to be holed up under an awning with the thunder, lightning and rain and just the two of us. Ernie is so strong - that he always makes me feel protected. It is a wonderful feeling. We got home and then went to dinner (not before dragging the guys to AC Moore) with his parents - we went to Texas Roadhouse! OMG - their food is so good - I could make a whole meal of the sweet tea, rolls and cinnamon butter. I tried to score some steak bones for the dog but no luck! Steak places should get smart to that and start selling their trash as dog treats - I would have paid for it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What gorgeous models we all are!!

Saturday we had a photo session with Ashley of Ashley Layfield Photography and just from the sneak peak on her blog - I love them!! Seriously if you are in the Maryland area I suggest a shoot with her. She made the babies, the dads and the dog all look and feel great.

Ashley used to work with us girls and about 6-8 weeks ago we thought wouldn't a joint photo shoot be a great idea. Gaby's baby is almost 1, and well I am a scrapbooker, and Vivian has never had a family portrait done. Having three families at the same time was a great idea - there was always someone to hold a baby or entertain a 4 year old or stand behind and play peek a boo and make a baby laugh and having a dog there made everyone more casual. We are all casual families anyway. Ashley's husband and daughter even came down too. Oh and I really did not notice the heat because we were in the shade!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yahoo thinks when I email myself that I am spam?

About 3 months ago, I realized that the Spam filter from Yahoo is not so good. For example emails from myself - they are Spam. What kind of filter thinks that? If I email something to myself because I have not figured out how to save sent messages - it goes into my Spam. It is the most ridiculous thing. So I have taken to checking my spam folder just in case something good slips by. By glancing through spam there is a whole world out there that I know nothing about.

There are people to get paid to fill out forms at home - and what I really want to know about are these mystery shopper jobs - getting that job is the real mystery.

And really how does SPAM stay in business - who is buying all these replica watches and what is a berry cleanse and how much cialis and viargra is there in the world and does Rachael Ray even know that she is endorsing Wu-Yi Tea?

Now there is even spam in my blog comments - anonymous is selling their own book light. Hey I was just thrilled there was a comment!

This is the kind of thing that I think about... I keep telling you fascinating stuff.

Two words

1. Where is your cell phone? ...............surgically attached
2. Your significant other?.................probably working
3. Your hair? ............................. frizzy today
4. Your mother? ........................... she's fine
5. Your father?............................. missed loved
6. Your favorite material object?.....................
7. Your dream last night?................... about scrapbooking
8. Your favorite drink..................... sweet tea
9. Your short term goal?.........................maintain sanity
10. The room you're in?..................... my office
11. What is something you're looking forward to this week?...........................nordstrom sale
12. Your fear?..............................icky stuff
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?...........tough one
14. Where were you last night?............. my home
15. What you're not?....................... self absorbed
16. Eggs?............................... with cheese
17. One of your wish list items?........... slr camera
18. Where you grew up?................... NEW JERSEY
19. The last thing you did?.................checked voicemail
20. What are you wearing?...................capris and tee
21. Your job?...............................the 5th
22. Your pets?.............................. crazy nut
23. Your computer? ....................... my life
24. Your life?.............................. it's mine
25. Your mood?............................ optimistic introspective
26. Missing someone?....................... i'm okay
27. Your car?............................... it's hot!
28. Something you're not wearing?.........earrings
29. Favorite Store?.........................yard sale
30. Your summer?........................... laid back

Now you share an answer??

Monday, July 14, 2008

Go Megan it's your birthday!

Today is the day that is dedicated to all things Megan. I of course began the celebration at the beginning of the month. Saturday I spent the day scrapbooking with a wonderful group of girls who I have sb'ed with for the last 10 years.

Anne hosts a monthly or quarterly crop at her church - the money goes to charity - she does an AMAZING job. I arrived and she gave me a wonderful treat allowing me to pick a door prize before anyone else. I picked some Making Memories 5th Avenue colletion paper so that I could finish an album that I am working on.

Kathy also had made me a beautiful creative escape album - which I can't wait to fill. It is a vertical album and uses all the CE papers. I will add a pic cause she sells them - all kinds really.

Later around 6:30 when it was crazy party time - Anne brought out cupcakes which were without a doubt the best cupcakes I have ever tasted - they were so moist!! Vivian and Niki scrambled for their cameras as Anne came out of the kitchen singing and Viv caught this one - I love it - such a great shot.

Yesterday Ernie and I went to the farmers market and out to breakfast. I then spent the day by the pool reading another Jodi Picoult book - OHH she is so good - I have cried like 6 times already - she shows you so many angles - I can not wait to read what the twist is going to be in this one. Nineteen Minutes - about a school shooting.

Today when I arrived at the office there was a sign in the bushes. My office is decorated. Fran is one of the most generous caring people in the world. She is the mom at work and takes care of all of us. She got me the most adorable polka dotted mouse pad - pink and green. She also got me a banana scented candle from Yankee Candle - delish! Then Mary got me new travel bags for makeup - pink and green.

MY MOM - she sent me an edible arrangement so I have been nibbling on delicious fruit all day. She is so sneaky she even called the office Friday to get the new address! Gaby and Kathy enjoyed some too!

I ended the day with Ernie picking up Don Pablos which I have not had in years - yummy - and crawling into bed with my guys (and my book) pretty early.

It was a nice birthday - it is nice to just be surrounded by people (and doggies) who love you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A book light saved my relationship!

The story goes like this - Ernie gets up at 5:30 to go to work - I get up at 7:30. So when he falls asleep at night - I am not quite tired. I used to leave my bedside lamp on - and I guess he would dream that the sun was beating down on him. He would just have sweat pouring off of him - I would feel badly and literally wipe him off with a wet wash cloth before I went to sleep. He is a pretty easy going sleeper and did not mention for months that this bothered him. Finally he mentioned it - and I got one of those itty bitty book lights and now all is right with the world.

This scene got me thinking about the things we do to improve our relationships with our SO. A friend I know when looking to buy a house found (and eventually bought) one that had three TV stacked on each other in the basement. That way Mom, Dad and child could all be in the same room hanging out on the couch but watching their own program. I think one of the reasons that Ernie and I work is that we don't have TV. We watch stuff on the laptop and the screen is small so we have to sit close. and we have to find stuff that we both enjoy.

Tell me my faithful 3 readers what quirky things have you done to improve your relationships.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The trip to Ocean Shitty!

Well Friday morning, we started heading down the Ocean, hon! I was not that enthused cause let's just say in the last 25 years Ocean Shitty has not really improved, the traffic is terrible, parking is almost non existent, and the hotels gouge you cause they are all dives that only have a few weeks a year to make their money. We ended up staying at the Ocean Mecca (photo courtesy of whflood from Flickr). I think this shot is gorgeous - I really did not remember the hotel being so lovely.

But it ended up being a perfect vacation for Ernie and me! We relaxed, we ate yummy junk food, we went on rides, we shopped in cute little stores, we walked up and down the boardwalk, we slept and then took naps.

I must mention that on Friday on the way down we stopped at one of the BEST antique stores called "Goose on the Roof". It is on route 50 just before Salisbury in Hebron. The owners are so nice, the selection is awesome - lots of shabby chic LOTS and the best part the prices are very reasonale. I found another button jar (yes I realize that I have a weird addiction), some childrens blocks and a pink wire basket thing. Ernie even got into it and really liked all the cool stuff that they had out front. Friday night we did watch the fireworks and then proceeded to run back 18 blocks to our hotel in the rain.

Saturday the weather was a little iffy but we did something really fun - we rented a surry on the boardwalk. It was so much fun - it was like being in a parade. I highly recommend the guy at the 14th street bike shop. He was really nice and had a great sense for business. After that we went out for breakfast and then rode some rides at the Jolly Roger Pier. I got on the Ferris Wheel - I am not afraid of heights but it did make me a little nervous. Oh and we ate more junk food and walked up and down the boardwalk 10 more times.

Sunday we hit the Jolly Roger waterpark as soon as it opened and here I found the most perfect place on earth. First because we got there so early we pretty much hit all the good rides with very little lines. So they have this ride called Stealth - it does not say what it is when you head up there. The guy running the ride is harness in - like he is going mountain climing. Of the 6 people in front of us in line - 4 yes 4 backed out. I was really nervous - but I really like water rides so when it was my turn I just marched up there sat in my tube and held on (oh and did not look down) It was steep and I screamed like a girl all the way down but man it was fun. But back to heaven. I love LOVE LOVE hot tubs jacuzzis etc but in the summer when you skin is a little burned it is just not the best feeling. Well, I see something tucked away called a bubble pool. I know I have to get in - and then my foot touches the water and it is cold! OH heaven I could have shouted - it felt like heaven. I stayed there all by my lonesome for at least half hour and quite frankly I could have stayed all day. I contimplated getting a raft and lying in there.

Sunday night, we went for a beautiful dinner at Fager's Island. I had never been there before as I am a boardwalk junk food kind of girl. It is very crowded but our waiter was very nice and dinner was delicious. For appetizer we had steamed shimp and for dinner we had steak and crab cake. The steak was so perfectly cooked it melted in our mouths. Of course we were too full for dessert.

Another perfect summer weekend!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


I was off work last week and for the first half of the week - I had a staycation! I stayed home and vacationed. I cleaned and cooked and took the dog for long walks. I went to the pool just about every day. I ran errands and went shopping and tried to do home repairs - I say tried. I watched movies - 27 Dresses.

Let me just vent about "Pool Rules". On Sunday, the lifeguards heard one tiny very far off rumble of thunder and had to clear everyone out of the pool and clear the pool deck for 30 minutes. It was ridiculous. No one heard it except them and the sun was completely shining. Then what is up with adult swim for 15 minutes every hour. What is the purpose of that? I really think the children can play for longer than 45 minutes - heck all growing up I had a pool in the backyard and I think I played in it for 4 or 5 hours at a time. And don't even get me started on the Ice Cream man - he parks at my pool for hours playing that horrible music and I swear some of them were Christmas carols. So annoying.

I read some great books - another Jodi Piccoult book - Vanishing Acts. Not as good as Change of Heart but still a very interesting book.

I put some stuff on ebay and will continue to do that. I have accumulated a bunch of stuff that I don't use and want to make room for new stuff for my birthday. Check out my listings - and there will be more - my seller name is mgerrity_01 - I know what you are thinking, how very original.

In the next post I will tell you about the rest of my week. Stay tuned....