Monday, June 16, 2008

Dismal yard sale finds

I was up and out at 8, had a few places set to go, and well it was dismal. Nothing just felt like I needed it. I did pick up a few books, an outfit for Sammy and the most adorable girls outfit size 18-24- I don't know who this is for but it was tooo stinking cute to pass up. A christmas ornament which Deisel already stepped up - my fault for leaving on the floor and that was about it. I did see a coach purse that I really really wanted but the lady would not waiver on the price and just kind of had an attitude and I passed. Total expenditure was $4.00 and $2.00 for a hotdog.

Sunday, we went to the river and got to do a little jetski which was really fun. I am a timid driver so when the kids wanted to ride with me I was more than happy to oblige! Then I could say I was being careful cause of the kids.

Oh and I read another good book - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. It was a quick read and I really liked it. I am putting it up on Paper Back Swap if you want to trade. Have you tried that site - it is really good if you like to read and they have pretty new books on there.

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Liz said...

I stumbled onto your blog this morning, thought I'd say hi. I've heard that the Ladies Det. Agency books are good, hope you'll give us a review.