Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Dreamin'

Every year about this time, much like I make out a christmas wish list, I make out a birthday wish list. I thought it would be fun to show all three of my blog readers my cute finds.

Of course, my big dream is a Nikon SLR camera. I have asked a lot of researchers and this one is the best.

Since I got my laptop about a year ago, I have thought that a lap top bag would be useful and have been inactively . I think this green one is pretty and practical. Of course I would jazz it up with some ribbon or a flower.

The same store has this pad which I think is super adorable and would definately help me get more done.

My ultra fabulous and stylish friends Kristin and Anne Marie had these cool swingpacks when I went to New York and I really loved them but the price was stopping me a bit. Anne Marie's was even cooler (Gucci, I think!). This weekend I found one at the beach in this great zebra pattern for $29.00 so I can cross that off my list.

I got Southern Lady magazine for Christmas but I think this mag Shop Smart is really great. I bought a copy the other day and learned a great deal.

My friend Catherine shared her book with us in Nashville and I think I would love a copy of Show it Off! There are some really clever ideas in there! And everything Catherine does is super cute. UHOH - I think her b-day is coming up soon - I better tink of something for her.

I still want one of these a power inverter which for a few days I really thought I had invented this gadget. Come to find out those engineers at Ford or NASA were way ahead of me.

And of course a girl can never have too many mismatched stuff and they have lots of cute new patterns. They also just emailed that their warehouse is in Iowa and 10% of their sales this week are going to help those in need from the floods.


Shannon said...

Reader #1 chiming just about everything that is on your list...that converter is the purse but with you on the price....and the book that Catherine had...yep want one of those as well.....

Kristi said...

Hi Megan - It is Kristi from Creative Cafe... I saw that you posted that you wanted to take the ONE SUMMER class. It is in stock now, but I did not have your email address. I went to your blog and still could not figure out how to email you. (I am not that good at the computer stuff....). So, if you email me at I will pass on the email I sent to the others that commented... it will have the links to the kit. Let me know if you are still interested. :)