Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The parking challenged

This past weekend I witnessed some of the worst parking I have ever seen - rather than get frustrated by their crazy - I decided to use it as a blog topic this week. I even plan to add to this as I come across more great park jobs which I am thinking will be frequently.

I now present - women scrapperbookers - parking 101.

This first one was so excited, they drove toward the space and got out and left.
Notice how much space there is in the front - every other person that had to drive down that aisle had to move four feet over to avoid hitting the badly parked car. And it was a long aisle. GREAT JOB!!
This one evidently thought that line was for the middle of the car? So everyone that pulled up that row thought it was an empty space - NOPE just another fabulous park job!

OH and both license plates were from Pennsylvania!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Moley!! I guess I'll see my car on your gallery pic soon enough...Lord knows I can't park to save my life! You and I have a pending conversation Meggie....quick! dial ext.130!

M*J*C said...

CLASSIC!!! You are a total Parking Lot Reporter and I love it! I look forward to more of these updates!!

Niki said...

Wow. How self-involved can some people be? Bad parking is one of my pet peeves!

browneyedgirl said...

This is sooooo funny. I've been seeing a lot of the same thing, but wasn't even thinking about posting photos on my blog. Hilarious.

{Lara} said...

*love* these pics! I'm sure you could dedicate a whole category to that!!
{Lara} in South Africa