Friday, August 29, 2008

This is not becoming a political blog but..........

(If you are not into hearing my political opinion - stop reading now. My feelings are not hurt)

HE PICKED A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!! Weeehooo. Say goodbye to the gold ole white boy network. That is right America today in 2008 (well starting in 2009) we will have either a woman or an African American in the White House!! I am so excited. Either way today is a ground breaking day. I personally am very very excited to learn more about Governor Sarah Palin but from what little I know I am impressed. She is young, has 5 kids (anyone who can manage 5 kids can manage the country!), her son is a soldier, she has been called a maverick! My political party affiliations varies - I believe in the woman's right to choose (Dem), I believe in less taxes(Rep), I don't believe the government should be involved in every aspect of my life(Rep), I really want to end the war. When push comes to shove I usually go Rep. and I liked McCain except 72 was a little too old in my book - this job is the highest stress level - people age 20 years in 4 (look at Clinton). But now with this new chick in town, I am so excited. I think the next 2+ months are going to be some of the most interesting in our history and this is going to be a very interesting race.

See you at the polls on November 4th, 2008!!!!!! A day when history will change forever. (Watch some independant will come in and screw it all up!)

A WOMAN - HE PICKED A WOMAN! Now it will be the pink house!! with sequins and bling!

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M*J*C said...

Oooohhhh!!! Sequins and bling...they will need me there for sure!!! I will have a new job, the "Blingstress of The Pink House!"
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!