Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer of 08 - Goes out with a bang!!

So I finished off the summer of 08 with a great great weekend.

Friday - Ernie was due to work a 24 hour shift and I had lots of fun plans (keep reading) so Diesel went to his grandparents for the weekend! After work, I picked up some stuff that I had gotten from Freecycle (always cool to get something for free that you need or want!) I got one of those metal scalp massager thingies only this one vibrates. LOVE. Then I stopped and got a pedicure it had been months since my last one so this was needed. Headed to the grocery - where I picked up some ingredients to make these. I found it at Amy's magazine . If you do not read Amy's magazine then you are totally missing out on all that is cool in the crafting world. I substituted spearmint leaves for the coconut cause I am not a fan of coconut in foods (suntan lotion, yes - pina colada, yes - food NO) and also I forgot the sesame seeds (that is what you get when you shop from memory. I spent about 2 hours putting them together because this was my first attempt. I took them to the _ _ _ _ (keep reading) Saturday and they were a hit.

Saturday morning - I was up at 5:30, getting ready, getting the car packed and getting out the door for a fun filled Saturday. First on the agenda the Yard Sale at the Bowie Stadium. There I scored so much good stuff!! Biggest excitement was 5 pieces of my mom's china not place settings but serving pieces all for $25.00 (I made a very rookie mistake and one piece is chipped (BAD) I don't know how I missed it - I think because I never see her china I was so excited I forgot to check for the obvious) I am saving it for Christmas (so don't tell her) I also got some books - Janet Evanovich's new one, and Martha's halloween one, and a new pocketbook for me. SO much good stuff - my arms were killing me from carrying it all. I did not leave there until 9:45 so I headed to the crop. I got to Parville about 10:30 so had 30 minutes to hit the yardsales there. But there was a flea market up there - a big one at the Putty Hill Park. I walked around there and only found a few things. Needless to say I was a little late getting to the crop. When I arrived, I had to go to the bathroom and I was dying of thirst but I still managed to hit the swap table first. I picked up a few things - Kathy V was cleaning out big time and had a lot of great bargains. The crop itself was fun fun fun as usual. It is always great to catch up with everyone, see new projects and ideas and hopfully get something done. I had a list of about 5 things to work on and got to about 3. I got home and was pooped.

Sunday, I already blogged about my morning and a great new blog I had found.
In the afternoon, Ernie and I went to the Sunday in the Country concert featuring Sugarland. It was awesome - It looks like she was singing right to me right - yes we were in the front row. I love all of their songs and had really hoped to get a chance to see them in concert.

It was every bit as good as I had hoped. Since it was in Columbia, the concert ended a little before 8 and we had taken the Harley so we were home in a jiffy! Before bed, I got into a Janet E book at stayed up way too late reading especially when Pop brought Diesel home at 5:00am.

A great weekend and a great way to end the summer! Now as we head into fall, I look forward to lots more great times.


Anonymous said...

When I got home from work - I really wished they were real hamburgers and not made out of peppermint patties. ernie

Shannon said...

I've tagged you....

M*J*C said...

Seriously, I muct have come to your site 10 times to comment, every time I either got a phone call or someone needed something at work (how rude????)!
Sounds like you had a great weekend! Lots of success at the yard sales and then the concert...good stuff! Have a good week!

Peggy Houston, TX said...

I am sooo loving your blog! I have to check out the cookie burgers and loved hearing about all your flea finds! Miss you.

browneyedgirl said...

So cute those cookie things...
Where did you go crop? sounds like fun, wish I had been there. Tugged a bit at my heart to hear you went to Sunday in the Country with your boy. LOL Sounds like it was great and you had a good time. So harpy for you and your yard sale finds, WOW! I am jealous. I did get to shop the Treasury Scrap Yard sale and found some treasures. Also made over $300 bucks, which isn't too shabby.
Miss you,
PS: Circle Journal's are on my desk and hopefully will be completed (both) by this weekend. Thanks for being the drill sergeant on this one (AGAIN!)

Niki said...

Those burgers were cute and YUMMY! I agree that the spearmint "lettuce" was better than coconut would have been.
BTW - thanks for posting that link to Inspireco; i'm loving reading it.

heatherbell said...

those are SO cute - and it sounds like you had a great weekend - wish I was garage sailing with you!!!