Thursday, July 10, 2008

A book light saved my relationship!

The story goes like this - Ernie gets up at 5:30 to go to work - I get up at 7:30. So when he falls asleep at night - I am not quite tired. I used to leave my bedside lamp on - and I guess he would dream that the sun was beating down on him. He would just have sweat pouring off of him - I would feel badly and literally wipe him off with a wet wash cloth before I went to sleep. He is a pretty easy going sleeper and did not mention for months that this bothered him. Finally he mentioned it - and I got one of those itty bitty book lights and now all is right with the world.

This scene got me thinking about the things we do to improve our relationships with our SO. A friend I know when looking to buy a house found (and eventually bought) one that had three TV stacked on each other in the basement. That way Mom, Dad and child could all be in the same room hanging out on the couch but watching their own program. I think one of the reasons that Ernie and I work is that we don't have TV. We watch stuff on the laptop and the screen is small so we have to sit close. and we have to find stuff that we both enjoy.

Tell me my faithful 3 readers what quirky things have you done to improve your relationships.


Anonymous said...

If you want an even better booklight, that only illuminates that page and not the room, I would highly recommend checking out a LightWedge.

Shannon said...

hmmm....things that have helped my relationship....can't think of anything right at the moment...really enjoyed your trip report though...sounds like a lot of fun

Jean said...

Good idea. I'll tell you my secret, but It's really for my hubby:

"Happy wife -- happy life"

Works for me!


Niki said...

Look - more than 3 readers!
In college i started getting manicures and pedicures cause my guy hated that i bit my nails. It seems so shallow, but it made him happy, broke me of the habit and ende up making me happy, too. If only everything was that easy to fix!

anne said...

Make my guy happy? I kicked my bulldogs out of the bed. Now anyone who knows me knows that I did not go down without with a fight. Nothing beats a chubby snorter with a warm belly to drape over your feet. On second thought the other chubby warm bellied snorter gives nightly back rubs and as we all know, Back rubs always trump warm feet.