Monday, March 30, 2009

NYC was fantastic!

NYC and the Grace Crop was just a great weekend all around!

Thursday, I left the office at 4pm and unfortunately it was raining and there was road work so what should have taken 90 minutes took 2.5 hours. After that, I met up with my mom in Pennsville (thanks for the help, Jeff) and we the rest went pretty smooth. When we arrived at the hotel, Mel was already alseep - but she had been up since 2:45 Seattle time.

Friday morning, we (Mel, my mom, my new dear wonderful friend Teri and Karen "I'm always up for a trip - heck a dog fight in back baldey"and me) got up and out and our first stop was Tinsel Trading. I love their displays but you know - the new store not as much fun. I honestly did not buy one thing. We checked out a few more places in the Garment District and then headed back to the hotel and dropped off packages and coats (weather was about 60 - perfect for just a sweater). Next we headed up town - one thing I always forget - yes the street blocks are short - but the ave blocks are LOOONNG. We eventually took a taxi. Next destination was Dylan's Candy Bar - fun! Then we wanted to have lunch at Serendipidity but the wait was too long - we went across the street to Patsy's for pizza and it was delish! We then went back to Sere... for a frozen Hot Chocolate. Then we headed to Kate's Paperie, and it was almost 4:30 by this point. We skipped our fancy dinner at Sardi's (just needed a rest) and then left for the theatre. Wicked was awesome and I was so pleased with my eBay tickets! We walked home from the theatre and fell fast asleep.

Saturday, we headed to Staten Island for the Grace Crop. We used this car service and I HIGHLY recommend them. If you ever need a car service in the NYC area they are great. Well priced, on time, they call when they are en route and then again on location! I can't stop raving about them. The Grace Crop was fabulous - Barbara and her friends do an outstanding job. As soon as we arrived, Kacey and Kristin started screaming! What a welcome! The food is so yummy - good NY Italian food. And the door prizes -
this pic is everyone from my table that won - notice who is missing?? yes me no luck continues!! Everyone at my table won but poor poor pitiful me. Second year in a row.

Sunday, we headed back to Staten Island to have have brunch at Kristin's home. Her home is beautiful, the table was beautiful, the food delicious and she even had cucumber water. She also has many scrapbook home decor projects around her home which are so much fun to check out. We of course headed down to the scrap room. We rushed out of there to make the 1:21 to the city and the 2:00 ferry. I finally rode the Staten Island Ferry - that was very cool! It was a little foggy but we could still see the Statue of Liberty and some skyline pics. Kristin had said Century 21 was 30 seconds from the Ferry - UH more like 8 blocks. We checked out Century, it was very crowded and then had lots of good buys (but not rock bottom prices) so I was ready to go about 3:30. I still had the trek home - which went very smoothly - I got taxi's quickly, the train was a quick one, traffic was easy and I was home by 9.
It was so awesome to have my last hurrah before I become a mama! Mel flying in from Seattle - it was so great to see her. Teri and Karen are so much fun and a laugh a minute and they were great traveling companions - always up for whatever. And having a weekend with my mom - another nice addition to her 65th year!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NY Bound!

I leave tomorrow for a fun, friend, scrapbook, shopping, Tinsel Trading, Wicked weekend - (do you love the alliteration?) I am a little nervous about this trip. There are a lot of transportation logistics. And really the typical NY thing is to walk everywhere but I am six months pregnant. Of course, I am not packed yet so tonight and tomorrow morning will be a mad dash. I still have my swaps to finish. I just hope my friends give me a by - that I did the best I could to arrange a lovely weekend. I'll report back next week with lots of pictures and I know that we will have fun.

Just say a prayer that I have a safe and stress-free trip.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Whenever I check google reader and my dear friends have not updated and I find myself missing them - I think "Gee, maybe they feel the same way about you!"

So this is NEW with me time:

In an effort to not become a mommy blog - I'll make this quick - all is well. Doctor this morning and all my symptoms are normal. My growth is normal and my BP is normal. I feel good - not as tired as first tri, not as great as second tri.

I am in the middle of reading The Handmaid's Tale - as highly recommended by Alison. So far it is interesting and I am plowing through it but I am not captivated.

Back on the eBay fever, I have 6 items listed and lots more coming around the bend. I love getting rid of stuff and having a few dollars to show for it too!

T.C. is visiting us from Colorado and the boys have done lots of riding and just hanging out being brothers. Last night we had dinner together and then they went and got us ice cream. I really like having the two of them together - yes there is a lot more commotion. But last night as I was in my room reading and could hear them in the basement talking - I could not hear what they were saying except when they insulted each other - it just felt nice. Ernie and T.C. are exactly what brothers should be - close and fun and wrestle each other and protective and loved with no mushiness. Sadly, he leave on Monday. But he will be back the beginning of July to see the baby and attend a family reunion.

Oh I got my Stampin' Up! order this week - great chipboard album and their baby girl kit. Plan to use as the baby album for the first year. I wanted something easy - that I could just throw pictures into and not feel the need to keep up but to have something ready to show and share at the end of the year. and someplace I could journal the milestones. I need to cover the chipboard - not sure what the best way to do that is going to be.

That is all the excitement I have for now.

Monday, March 09, 2009

in response to said Tag

In response to Mel's said Tag - 4th folder, fourth picture - I present my cousin Mary's baby boy - J! This guy is so awesome - for one he is about 5 months old in this pic, we are at the Texas Roadhouse where it is very loud - and he is sitting up on the table taking a milk induced snooze.

At Christmas, about 9 months old he was teetering around and getting a few words out. Yesterday was his first birthday!! How exciting is that. Big brown eyes and just a little curl to his hair, two parents who adore him. He is a sweet little guy.

As for who I tag, I say if your reading this and go check out your 4, 4 and then if your so inclined blog about it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Last weekend was just so great!!!

Saturday morning - early I got up, dropped Ernie off for an errand and headed to the Wee-Cycle sale in Havre de Grace. This is such a great idea!! I found a few things - I am truly trying to hold back because I know there will be gifts coming from friends and family. My fabulous photographer friend - Ashley -(seriously book a session with her - you will be thrilled with the results - she has this special camera that makes you look younger and thinner and more glamorous than you thought possible. (Insert my maternity shot she did here!!) She is bogged down now with photos from the weekend but as soon as she sends mine to me - I will post here. I left the sale and went to Anne's crop to scrapbook with all my friends. Jean made me the most adorable bibs - I LOVE more than anything a homemade gift - my friends are so talented. (Add photo here too!) Here is a shot of our table. The other great part there was sharing 3 boxes of scrappy stuff with everyone and coming home with a little cash from the swap table!!

After the crop, I drove to NJ to my mom's house! When I got there, my cousin Jeff was there - not really surprising - sometimes when he finds out I am coming, he comes down to see me. But my mom opened the door and she was dressed up, her hair was done (many many times she greets me in curlers!) and she had on makeup. They ushered me into the bathroom - I'm pregnant and had been on the road for an hour and half. And then took me into the living room to surprise me with a Baby Shower - ALL FROM MY AUNT PAT!! I was so exhausted that I asked if it would be ok for me to open in the morning. Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast and talked to Aunt Pat on the speaker phone and I opened all of these goodies. Gorgeous clothes, the softest sweetest blankets, the teeniest, tiniest socks, great organizers for the room. Everything was so perfect. My aunt has amazing taste and style - she always has!
This is my mom explaining that all of this is from my aunt! They had been in cahoots for 6 weeks to plan it out. She had mailed everything and then had my mom put bows on and fluff it up.

Can you see all the presents surrounding me? Everything was so pink and sweet and soft and perfect!!

Monday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland outside. Luckily I had planned to stay through Monday and was able to come home Tuesday morning. My mom and I lounged around, worked on some scrapbooking projects. She had made yummy food - again yummy food as rare at my mom's as makeup. We did have to take an hour or so to clean off the car and sidewalk. The neighbors were kind enough to come by and shovel her driveway.

It was a just a perfect mix of a perfect weekend!