Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer is not over yet...

So my Labor Day weekend was good, laid back, relaxing. Saturday morning I hit yard sales, there weren't that many but I hit one lady who had beautiful clothes, suits, dress pants (yes mar I too am trying to make more of an effort at the office). As I looked thru the rack she had most of the size tags were cut out and when I asked and they were just my size I was so excited!! I got a suit with a shirt that matched, another pant, shirt jacket combo (she had them hanging together like they were an outfit but I just didn't see it), 4 pairs of pants, one shirt, a necklace, and some MK (she was a rep cleaning out some inventory) ALL for $25.00!!!! I was so excited - a good start to my fall wardrobe for less than 1 blouse! I even have one of the outfits on today!! Everything fit except one pair of pants - but I am thinking a little diet and exercise MIGHT help that. The pants all need to be hemmed (anyone local know a place or person to get that done inexpensively???)

Saturday afternoon, I did some card making and scrapping. I also found Lipstick Jungle

on the internet - OOOHH that show is good! I watched the whole season in one day! The clothes the hair their makeup is sooo pretty.

Sunday we went for breakfast with Ernie's parents down to Colonial Beach VA on the Harley. That was a great ride!

Monday - I have been having a lot of back muscle pain lately - I had the best of intentions of getting a ton done on Monday but moving was very painful. Last night I iced it, took some aleve and this morning I put the heating pad on and it feels better. I need to get it looked into but my track record with doctors fixing my problems is just so low.

Now, on to news for you my faithful readers!! I had 53 comments last month (20% of those from M*J*C and 20% from Niki - thanks girls!!) - that was awesome - the comment contest and the new feedjit actually forced me to update more often and to try to think of fun topics. In September, I will cover all the books (like 20 of them all purchased at yard sales) I have been reading lately, I also plan to share some of the things I have been making (mostly cards and a scrapbook page or two), are there any burning questions that you have for me. Post in the comments and I will answer them.

OH and the winner is... Liz (liz send me your address) who was a totally new person to my blog and who only posted once! Yeah! There will be another contest this month - for another great prize.


M*J*C said...

You got lots of good stuff at the yard sale! I feel ya on "making more of an effort", it's been kind of nice to leave the house and actually look like I have a decent job (as opposed to no job, no hair dryer, no make up but still have somewhere to be at 8am!)
I can't wait to see the stuff you've been making, I always think of you when I'm in the craft store and see all the card stuff! Good luck with your back and have a good week!
PS-FYI to all the other posters- I'm winning the next contest!

browneyedgirl said...

Just got back from the windy city and am catching up. I've been toying with watching Lipstick Jungle, and after they made that outfit on Project Runway I may have to give it a try. Jealous of your yard sale finds. I did get to go to Hannah's, (the scrapbook store in Antioch, IL) that Jeanne recommended. It's pretty big, not just scrap stuff, but they gals there seemed a bit out of it. Got some stuff we don't carry at the store...