Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Julia's Christmas present got mailed today

Ok so back in December just before Christmas we had a blizzard and I had to work a lot of extra hours and that put me wayyyyyyyy behind in getting things done. So I did not mail Jules Christmas present. I should mention here that it is to the UK and required some degree of paperwork and concentration. Then in January I asked her if there was anything she wanted from the states and she wanted a McCormick Spice - that should be easy that company is only about 20 miles from my house! BUT twice when grocery shopping I forget to pick up the spice. So early feb snowmagedeon in MD starts and that sort of threw all of us for a loop. Then since Saturday Daisy and I have been fighting a cold.

So finally yesterday I go to and print out that paperwork (you know the ones that makes you list the item and the value) It was handmade Christmas ornaments - hard to put a value on them. But you need this plastic sleeve thingie to put the paperwork in and I dont't have one of those. But my mailman at the office promises to bring one to today.

I wait all day, I tell Amy and then Mary that I have to see the mailman when he comes. Because now I purchased the $35.00 postage and it is dated yesterday which means it has to go out TODAY. Wouldn't you know the boss calls and the mailman comes and goes. CURSE CURSE CURSE. Boss says meet me with paperwork so I gather the box and the printed out postage forms and run for the car. WELL it's really windy out today and pufff there goes the paperwork - I chase down one piece in a puddle.CURSE CURSE CURSE CURSE And rush to meet the boss. After I meet the boss, I make a quick stop at a chic children's consignment store (NOTHING) and grab some lunch. (Gourmet, expensive and it SUCKED - gotta love when I try to go all chic and fancy and then hate what I am eating). Next stop the post office! WRONG. I ease in front of a cop with a blinker going 23 mph and he puts his lights on. ME increduously I think?? What the did I do? CURSE CURSE Mam he says You're tags are expired - so expired I am getting ready to call a tow truck. CURSE montgomery county and your low crime where your cops have nothing better to do. YES so expired - AS IN AUGUST. I say to this little pita well that just proves what a good driver I am that I have been driving for 6 months and no ONE has noticed. he takes my license and writes the ticket. he comes back and threatens that there are 3 tickets he could write - (isn't there something in the Bill of Rights about being charged for the same crime twice) and gives me a $60.00 TICKET. I want to tell him don't threaten me - I was getting my license before you were potty trained but I refrain. So I pull away from there and drive DIRECTLY to the DMV where I renew the tags. Oh at the DMV I drop my license but thankfully someone turns it in.

So I decide I have not had enough of my fabulous govemernment workers (the cop, the DMV people) for one day and I go to the post office with my wet customs form and my missing one. AND I get in the longest slowest moving line and FINALLY it is my turn. The lady says she will copy my form and give me the little plastic thingie...

AND so now Jules Christmas presents are on their way to her. on Febuary 25th!

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Julia Dunnit said...

I feel horribly unworthy of all the trouble. But look at this least your tags are up to date now. I realise this is serious because it involves policemen (and HURRAH, you noticed that thye ARE getting younger) - but I have no idea what tags are -some kind of tax I'm guessing! Hope you and Miss D are feeling better. What can I send you to cover the post cost OMG had no idea it would be that high! And Megan - thanks!