Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A tribute to Fran

On Saturday, I said goodbye to my friend Fran. At her funeral, they asked if anyone had any stories - for various reasons I did not share. But this is what I would have liked to say.

The other two guys have portrayed the giving generous kind hearted side of Fran. But Fran also had a hilarious streak.

-She is the only person that lovingly referred to people as "Crackwh0re."

-She would tell me one of the estimators - he could mess up a wet dream.

-She ran our little vending area - and when the guys would empty out her truck - inevitabily something extra would come in. She would say those guys would bring in the seats to the truck if they weren't attached.

- She was never just hungry - she was starving - she would often say - I'm about to eat the tables and chairs, or chew off my own arm.

She wasn't just a coworker. I adored her and I admired her.

- She made everyone at the offices birthday special. She baked cakes for us and got gifts for us. The reverand said if you gave her $1.00 she would spend it on someone else. THAT WAS SO TRUE.

- Someone said she didn't judge. She loved everybody for who they were - some she thought were crazy but she never tried to change them.

Alison said - she loved miniatures and that extended to people.

- Once I told her that I was pregnant, she starting telling me I needed to have a girl. She bought enough boy clothes and she needed a girl. The morning before I left for the sonogram - she said "Don't forget it needs to be a girl" She was so happy when I got back and said "It's a Girl!" That was a Friday - Monday I came in to the office and was welcomed with a BIG bag of Gymboree clothes - all pink!

In life, you have friends and you have family and you have acquaintences. And then you have people that make you wonder what did I ever do to have someone so wonderful come into my life. Fran was one of those people.

Forever Missed!
If I could add songs to this blog, I would play Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson, Cryin' for Me by Toby Keith and Go Rest High on the Mountain by Vince Gill - all played at the service and they were so touching.

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Shannon said...

Wonderful words.....I'm sure that she knew how much you loved her!