Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I need to remember this...

March 2 2010. The last few weeks have been difficult. D caught a little bug and so did I, so neither of us was feeling well. Nor were we sleeping or eating or breathing. D was taking up loads during the night. I worked all weekend - babysitting the side job for three adorable but full of energy kids and a friend. I was tired! Really tired and I kept freaking out that I needed a break. And that I might not survive. All weekend she was tough but the kids would no leave her alone which just made her more grumpy - they just love her so much. See the fussy baby??

And then last night - everything fell back into place. I increased D's lunch size and she is on medicine and taking them easily. I am feeling better. I changed my sheets and worked on some laundry. D had dinner, and I even had a nice healthy dinner and then took her last bottle and then went upstairs and snuggled and fell asleep - no fighting me. no being awake at 10pm which is quite simply past my bedtime.

It felt so good to have my baby back - she is already 9 months old. She can do so many things - like say mom, and clap, and occasionally on a whim wave bye bye, and crawl and stand and go up the stairs, and she knows where we keep certain things like pacifiers. She can eat a cookie, and bananas.

And me I pray all the time - that I am teaching her good habits, that I am loving her enough, that I am lucky to have her be healthy, that I remember all these moments and capture some of them on film and video and some of them just fovever in my heart.


Peggy Houston, TX said...

I have no doubt, sister-girl.

Niki said...

Nothing feels better than the first day you feel really better after being sick. Glad there was some sunshine for you and baby D. And don't worry: if you are concerned that you are doing the right thing, you probably are. I'm guessing that the people doing the wrong things don't even think about it.