Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another blog contest!

Have you checked out Heather Bailey lately?? She is running a contest ! I really hope I win - but hmm maybe you will. Winner picked Thursday. (No winner annouced yet)

More jewelry giveaways! I never win anything but I know if I share with Mel - she will win! Saucy is one of the most fabulous blogs! Her giveaways are amazing. This one is picked 1/29 at midnight. (OVER)

Found another one - Pioneer Woman gives away some good stuff! But you do have to compete with 20K people. (this one is over!)

This is not a contest - but pretty cool. Go here and comment!!

Ali Edwards just posted this one and it will run through Sunday the 31st! That stuff from Blue Moon Scrapbooking is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Here I am -- leaving a comment... :) Thanks for the links. I love a good blog giveaway. That Pioneer Woman is always giving away something fun. I'll let you know if I find any others. Post more pictures of your beautiful baby! :) - Sunny

Coree said...

so good to read your blog, Daisy is a beautiful baby and growing so fast. Take care, I think of you often.