Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I like to share

I recently have stumbed upon a new blog/website/magazine called Flea Market Style. The magazine is having is premiere issue - so run right out to the store to pick one up - and then tell me what you think. OHH and to promote their newness they are having some giveaways this week - yesterday is a Lisa Leonard necklace which I really really want!! They are charm necklaces and reasonably priced. Today is a product called Vintage Textile soak which cleans your vintage textiles and gets out stains!

Also my dear blogger friend Amy is running a special on her blog/ Open Sky shop and she has asked that we pass the word. The special is for a pdf to make this doll . I don't necessarily share this because of the coupon but because I truly think everyone should check out Amy's blog. She has been very inspirational and introduced me to many projects and products. Check out the baby room stuff here, and then here she tells you the story of her first foster experience which brings tears to my eyes and ALWAYS manages to renew my faith in myself as a mom! I adore Amy and I admire her. She has introduced me to Boden! I think Boden is awesome - lots of color and comfort!!

Both of these are from Boden and I am pretty sure I need both of them!


amy said...

Thanks, Megan! I'll let you know if I do any classes nearby...we'll see! Hope all's well with you! Say hello to your mom for me!


Peggy Houston, TX said...

Hi Megan - so good to hear from you... I can vouch for the Vintage Textile Soak - it really takes out old stains. And of course, I love Amy's website, specially when she posts videos of Alredo...