Tuesday, January 05, 2010


How do you measure a year? in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee...

I have been thinking about this post - and a FB (more on FB later) friend posted this song and I thought it was the perfect way to describe this year.

2009 was the most amazing wonderful happy joyous fabulous year for me - all due to the birth of my amazing daughter! I have always wanted to be a mom from 4 years old playing with my doll Mandy to every little face I babysat for (50-75 children) made me want to be the mom. Throughout my pregnancy, I was so happy but scared too! The day I gave birth to Daisy - there just are no words.

The first week after - was then the darkest time in my life - all the stress of pregnancy and delivery, with all the overwhelmed feeling of being a new mom, throw in the lack of sleep and I lost it. I had to seel medical treatment because mentally I was not well. Post partum is a very scary feeling and luckily I got quick treatment and was back on track quickly. I had to stay overnight at the funny farm at the local hospital. It was at this hospital that I met two angels on earth. The first was my delivery nurse - she was so perfect! the second was a security guard who just gave me some great advice. He reassured me. I think about the other moms that I met and wonder how they are doing. I pray for them - that they are recovering, getting good medical care.

Another great thing about 2009 - I was truly "showered" with love. So So many people truly showered me with all the things I needed for a new baby. and things I needed to survive with a new baby. Each time I use a gift I feel that person helping me and taking care of both baby d and I.

Only one other notable things in 2009 - Facebook! To me the greatest invention thus far in the millienium! I love that I can connect with my friend Chad who my mom babysat for when I was about a year old and now lives in Zambia (which I would not be able to locate on a map) to Amy who sits one desk away from me. Family and Friends and quick updates! I love that I now know more on a day to day basis how the people that have been special in my life from Ambler drive, to elementary school, to high school, to college, to ALL my scrapbook peeps to my family are doing.

If you have read this far - please take a moment to comment - it would make me happy to know who is reading and who even cares when I update! PLEASE.

and now some baby cuteness photo by www.AshleyLayfieldPhotography.com


Josie said...

That was very nice Megan. Anyone who knows you knows that you are a very strong person, and I am proud to be one of those people. Love you and Daisy alot and miss you just as much.

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Great post, Megan. That is just the best picture of Daisy. I can't wait to meet her - I will think of a reason to come to MD!

Karen said...

I check your blog each and every day. So glad to hear that you and Daisy are doing great. I love the photos. I'm sure you have heard it before but she looks just like you.

Shannon said...

Hi Megan...so glad that you and Daisy are doing so good....and that picture is definitely adorable....you are such a great mom!

Miss ya

browneyedgirl said...

Hey Girl!
I promise you I was the first one to read your blog post right when you posted, but when I tried to comment on my Blackberry sitting in the middle of Costco it wouldn't let me.
So here I am. Good to see you back in Blogland. I have climbed back on the wagon too, don't know if you saw, since you didn't comment on my blog. HINT, HINT, HINT. LOL
Love you,Miss you.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that sweet baby girl is so like her Mummy! Great post Megan..I read! This year - buy an atlas, check out Zambia and the world, in a book it's all just inches apart -just like FB makes it!

Kathleen Loughran said...

I have shared this year with you on so many levels. Both with your joy and mine. Simpatico my dear. For the rest of our lives we will walk in the same time frame with a mere 40+ hours apart that redefined us forever. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan. That's a great post. Thanks for sharing. I love the picture of Daisy. She sure is a cutie! Keep smiling. -Sunny

Niki said...

I check in every week or so cause i know that you will post something for us non-facebookers. ;-)
I'd come even more often if i knew you were posting regularly.

heatherbell said...

I'm reading! I love hearing about you and Daisy on FB too! Can't wait to see you soon - give that precious angel HUGE kisses from me!