Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking things off the list, lots of lists

My mom has been here a week helping us to get ready and unfortunately Mother's Day was just filled with more preperations. We took a 3 session birthing class - the first one I had to leave a little early to get to the shower, Saturday was good and I stayed the whole time and Sunday was really quick paced which I loved. There were a few minutes of quizzing us and I wished there had been more of that - I feel like when you are quizzed you really know it.

Saturday we had to return something at Buy Buy Baby (those stores just overwhelm me! There are 4000 things but yet only one of something I need. I am better at a Yard Sale - one choice and the price is right!) We then got some lunch at Whole Foods, did a little more shopping and headed home. I was just so tired.

Sunday we grocery shopped - it was bad - I had fed the dog table food FOR THREE meals. I watched Marley and Me last night - my dog is the opposite of Marley. He is patient and gentle, and rarely barks (only when he means it) and I just know he is going to be a good protector of the baby. He eats whatever I put in his bowl and if I am out of food he just rolls with it. We made a nice dinner for Mother's Day but nothing very special.

Last night, we worked on the car seat. We are borrowing this from another family and so we had no directions. Luckily Ernie is a very mechanical thinker and he figured out how to move the straps, add the extra head protectors and how to get it out of the base. Now we just have to install the bases into the car and we are done with that part.

My suitcase for the hospital is slowly getting done - when I come across something that I think I might need or want, I put it in. I have no clothes in there but most of the easy to forget items are there. There are a few things I will have to add at the last minute.

Like I said checking things off the list.


M*J*C said...

Just think, next year Mother's Day will be a whole different story!!! Sounds like everything is coming along!!! How nice about the "work" shower, very fun!!!!
I'm thinking about you every day!!!

heatherbell said...

Just saw the big news on FB! So excited! Can't wait to meet Daisy!