Thursday, May 07, 2009

I am truly blessed

Sunday was my third shower - this time with all of my wonderful friends from work and my mom and Ernie's mom were able to attend as well. The wonderful wife of my boss hosted it at her beautiful home. The super fun part is several of the younger girls were there (many of whom I babysit) and they were so excited to play the games and to show me the scrapbook. Gaby (you may remember two short years ago, I planned her shower) planned all the extras, as well as sent out the invites, and just worked endlessly to make it a really special party. All this and she is due with her second the end of June - it's a girl - we plan to have Daisy and Emily be the best of friends.

This photo shows the girls and I competing to put a diaper on the doll with one hand behind our back. OK I won but I was not about to be beat by a nine year old. And I admit I was sweating it a little. Lily before the game had the best quote "I don't even know how to put on a diaper with two hands!" Lily is all personality!

Again my little fashionista got oodles of cutie cutie outfits - including little needlework bunny slippers that were adorable. She got some great books too. And a few practical gifts too!

It was a fabulous party!

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