Thursday, May 07, 2009

Saturday mornings...

where you'll find me is at the yard sales. I really love the thrill of the hunt - sure I could run to target and get everything I need in one fell swoop. but not for 90% off which is the average savings at the yard sales. Sometimes it's 80%. But considering the best I can do in the real world is 10-20% off. Today was no different - my mom and I (yes I drug her out - I offered to come back and pick her up but she did not want to miss the sales) headed to Piney Orchard Community Center - easily 75-100 vendors and loads of people. We picked up a few things - a frame, a photo album, oooh the diaper pail that I was registered for (for 90% off). My mom found a great cardigan sweater. Left there very happy. Next stop - a dud can't even remember what we found.

Then we headed to the other end of the spectrum - the Landon Azelea Festival. Their shopping area is gorgeous - lots of really preppy stuff, monogram's galore, pink and green galore, adorable baby things. Getting ready for the baby has made me a little more tight with the money so i did not end up buying anything but browsing was lots of fun.

We next headed to a friends car party. It is a BBQ where people arrive in their great cars, bikes etc and park in the yard and show off engines and kick tires. Eat some food and that is the party. It was lots of fun.

I ended the day with a pedicure!


M*J*C said...

Sounds like you had some fun times! Now you've got me craving BBQ!!!!!

heatherbell said...

sounds like a perfect day!