Monday, February 23, 2009

Took care of more preparations

First of all, I spent a lot of time in the craft/guest room this weekend trying to weed out, clean out and rearrange to make room for my baby girl and my wonderful mother/live in nanny. Plus T.C. will be visiting us the whole month of March (yeah for soldiers safe arrival back to US soil!) A big bag of trash went out this morning, a big box of recycling will go out Thursday and I have lots of things to sell/give away at the crop this weekend. Lot's more to get rid of!!

Saturday we went to our friends (and Ernie's boss - technically my boss too) house and his wife, Denise loaded us up with all kinds of great baby stuff. We just went through the basement and pulled out all kinds of good stuff. Denise's dad is a hunter and has a room in his home devoted to his trophies - all I can say is it is more amazing than I would have even thought.

After that we headed to a whole other planet known as Babies R Us. Oh my goodness - I had researched ahead of time, and I had a small list but still the place was crowded and noisy - and Ernie was less than enthusiastic about the whole experience. He liked to fire the scan gun. I was just so overwhelmed when we left there. My thought is - there are a few certain things that I want - but it seems to be from a few different stores. I love the things on ETSY with this being my favorite - Are they not beautiful?? And this hat - How adorable is that??

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M*J*C said...

LOVE that hat!!! The first link wouldn't work, try re-posting it!!
So your Mom will be staying with you guys for a while? That will be totally helpful!