Monday, February 02, 2009

Early stages of nesting

So here I am about 23 weeks along - it's a girl by the way - and I have started the nesting process. On Saturday, I spent the whole day in my craft room/spare bedroom trying to clean out and even played with my scrap stuff a little. I have a bag of trash, gave away a bag of stuff on Saturday and have another bag ready for VVA to pick up on the 19th and a bag of paper recycling. And in the midst of all this I found a medical receipt good for $10.00, a gift card to Nordstrom, the wireless adaptor for the computer (yeah for having a desktop and a laptop at our house) and a 2G card for my camera. Once the current bags get moved, I will start again.

Sunday in my love for a bargain, I went to Costco and aside from the sample lunch I was served, I left with nothing. I jotted down prices for comparison sakes but I find the grocery to be about the same if not cheaper when you get stuff on sale - which I always do. I then headed over to Safeway where they were practically giving it away.

Next weekend's goal is clothes - as in closets. Then the following two weekend's I have quite a honey do list prepared - including moving furniture and maybe if I am very very lucky painting.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Megan, a girl! I have a girl and she is the greatest gift. Am so happy for you. BTW keep forgetting to tell you that I spent autumn reading Jodi P on your recommendations!

heatherbell said...

nesting is so great for getting rid of crap! have fun! and I can't wait to "see pink"!!!!

browneyedgirl said...

Yeah, that's what I should be doing instead of surfing blogs, cursing my darn computer for freezing up on me and generally just being useless. Anyway, enough self pity. Sounds like you've got a plan.
I bought another item for Miss Daisy...hope you'll like it. I know Grace wants it for herself.
The other day we were driving home and she was quizzing me about you and the baby in your tummy. Then she started singing about how she wanted baby Daisy to come out and play with her. It was super cute...she is pretty excited for you and wants to change and feed "Megan's baby".
Miss you,


M*J*C said...

Yeah a GIRL!!!!!! Can't wait to make something fun for her!!! She will definitely need a tutu!!!