Friday, March 06, 2009

Last weekend was just so great!!!

Saturday morning - early I got up, dropped Ernie off for an errand and headed to the Wee-Cycle sale in Havre de Grace. This is such a great idea!! I found a few things - I am truly trying to hold back because I know there will be gifts coming from friends and family. My fabulous photographer friend - Ashley -(seriously book a session with her - you will be thrilled with the results - she has this special camera that makes you look younger and thinner and more glamorous than you thought possible. (Insert my maternity shot she did here!!) She is bogged down now with photos from the weekend but as soon as she sends mine to me - I will post here. I left the sale and went to Anne's crop to scrapbook with all my friends. Jean made me the most adorable bibs - I LOVE more than anything a homemade gift - my friends are so talented. (Add photo here too!) Here is a shot of our table. The other great part there was sharing 3 boxes of scrappy stuff with everyone and coming home with a little cash from the swap table!!

After the crop, I drove to NJ to my mom's house! When I got there, my cousin Jeff was there - not really surprising - sometimes when he finds out I am coming, he comes down to see me. But my mom opened the door and she was dressed up, her hair was done (many many times she greets me in curlers!) and she had on makeup. They ushered me into the bathroom - I'm pregnant and had been on the road for an hour and half. And then took me into the living room to surprise me with a Baby Shower - ALL FROM MY AUNT PAT!! I was so exhausted that I asked if it would be ok for me to open in the morning. Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast and talked to Aunt Pat on the speaker phone and I opened all of these goodies. Gorgeous clothes, the softest sweetest blankets, the teeniest, tiniest socks, great organizers for the room. Everything was so perfect. My aunt has amazing taste and style - she always has!
This is my mom explaining that all of this is from my aunt! They had been in cahoots for 6 weeks to plan it out. She had mailed everything and then had my mom put bows on and fluff it up.

Can you see all the presents surrounding me? Everything was so pink and sweet and soft and perfect!!

Monday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland outside. Luckily I had planned to stay through Monday and was able to come home Tuesday morning. My mom and I lounged around, worked on some scrapbooking projects. She had made yummy food - again yummy food as rare at my mom's as makeup. We did have to take an hour or so to clean off the car and sidewalk. The neighbors were kind enough to come by and shovel her driveway.

It was a just a perfect mix of a perfect weekend!

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Niki said...

i love that we talked about a surprise shower at the crop!