Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My wonderful mother is turning 65!

First I can divulge all kinds of info on here because not only does she not read my blog but she does not have a computer - gasp I know.

Friday January 16th is Mom's 65th birthday. First I started this idea of a card party and contacted all sorts of friends and family to send her a birthday card to celebrate her big day. She thinks my cousin started it so I have just been playing along. It has been very fun to check in to see who mailed her a card every day.

Next I took the day off on Friday well a half day and I will be driving up to visit her and take her out for afternoon tea at this little tea shoppe in Millville. That part is a surprise -I just told her to be ready. I also plan to have some balloons in the car to tie to her mail box and her porch. Friday evening we may go to the movies or we may just watch a chick flick at home.

Saturday we are going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Neither of us has ever been and we thought it might be fun. We jokingly said we would get a wheelchair and she can wheel me half the time and I can wheel her half the time. We plan to take a tour, eat at the Museum restaurant and check out the store - not too long a day for these gals.

Finally I purchased a digital camera for her. I thought with all the baby pictures it might be a good idea to go film free. We will see how that goes over. Sunday, I think we will spend the day training on the new camera.

I also plan to have some special treats through the 65th year!! She is such a special person in my life I wanted to do everything possible to make it a fun great day.


Gaby said...

You can tell a lot about what kind of mom you'll be by the kind of daughter you are. Kudos to Darlene for raising such a special person. Love ya, Gaby

Niki said...

That sounds like a great plan to celebrate her birthday. Hope she has a great time.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Megan, congrats to your Mom, I think your firend Gaby ia absolutely right with her words. And huge congrats to you too! Motherhood is the greatest journey! Will watch your blog with excitement. Warm and hearty wishes coming your way.
I started a blog this year as one of my good intentions - visit me when you're surfin'

Julianne said...

Hi Megan! I was here. Just wanted to let you know I was here, thinking of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

aka "pinkscrapper"

M*J*C said...

Sounds like you had the perfect week planned!!! Great idea for the camera!!!