Thursday, May 01, 2008

Scrap ETC

The whole reason I started my journey to Nashville was to attend Scrap Etc with my scrappin bff's (list is long but if you are reading this blog you are absolutely one of them!!). It was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (big, pretty, expensive!) I was a member of the illustrious group C - Brittney was an awesome leader. Thursday evenings welcome ceremony was a good introuduction of everyone and then we headed to a class team-taught by Danelle Johnson and Kristi Sikora-Blankenship. This was for me the most inspiring time of the whole event - Kristi was my favorite speaker by far - she is excited and she talks FAST!! What I really related too is that now she works for a construction company and scrapbooking is a hobby - just like me! I loved her samples and her ideas and her glue and go theory really woke me up. When I scrapbook, I spend too much time focused on details and not enough time glueing stuff down.

The only repeat teacher for me was heidi. Her project was totally my colors and a very cool idea. Jenni Bowlin (sad but I slept in and missed a little of this class), Gretchen MacElveen, Vanessa Hudgen, Angelina Wiggleton, Vilna Furstenburg, and Monique McLean - each project was a unique take. SNL - let's chalk it up to it was a very long weekend and by that point things just got rough.

Two really cool things about the weekend was Amy Tan from Amy Tangerine was there selling her t-shirts and I got the cutest one (and she had a lot to choose from in my size) I have always loved her stuff! The other cool thing was a singer/song writer Amanda Hudson was there and her songs are the perfect blend of a nice message and folksy music to remind you of why you scrapbook - and her perfect scrapbook day song is sooo stinking cute. I am so glad I got to buy that CD. I really love to support artists/entrereneurs.

I got lots of fun supplies at all of the stores I was able to visit.

I drove home Sunday and honestly it wasn't too bad. I left about 7am and pulled in my parking space about 6pm. I spent most the time on the phone with my mom recapping the week. I accidently left something behind so I spent some time on the phone working to recover it. I listened to my new CD. I saw some really pretty parts of the USA - love the mountains.

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