Thursday, May 01, 2008

Nash Trash

On Thursday in Nashville, I had signed up for the Nash Trash Tour. First we had a little contest to see who could dress the trashiest. I did not win - shoot I did not even try - but it was fun to cheer. Then we boarded the big pink bus and proceeded to laugh our heads off - those girls are so funny and they had so many great one liners - when they hooted and hollered to the Firemen to show us their hoses, and their celebrity sightings. We also stopped off quickly at the Country Music Hall of Fame - as soon as I walked in I knew that I had to see the whole place.

After the tour, Mel and I hightailed it to one of the scrapbook stores to pick up some bags, stopped at Sonic for some drive in food - LOVE that place my stomach felt funny from sitting in the back of the bus so I just had a chili cheese dog.

And then, we went back to the motherland! The Country Music Hall of Fame was amazing - and I loved it. From Elvis solid gold cadillac to Hank Williams boots to dresses from Faith Hill ( I love the costumes and the embroidered boots) - I was mesmerized. I have not always been a country music fan - I was introduced to it in college. It was the summer that Garth Brooks had the song That Summer. Since 1992, I have seen loads of shows and I do have an appreciation for the oldies. Seeing all of the memorabilia and hearing great stories about country music simply renewed my love for it. I am now a member of the museum which means I can go all I want for free for a year!! and I bought a ton of souvenirs there!

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