Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Spring means many things for people - Baseball season or flowers, or gardening - for me it means Saturday mornings of Jukin' - my Aunt Phyl and Aunt Mary invented this word - it means shopping and junking and just checking out the local stuff. For me, it means yard sales mostly and maybe a craft fair and maybe a festival.

Last Saturday, I was up and out at 8am. I have a list of things I look for - cute clothes, vintage jewelry, anything polka dots, books, apothocary jars, tupperware, pink kitchen stuff. This week, I hit a few sales. Then I headed to the Landon Festival - and got the cutest apothocary jar. I also saw some cute ideas which added an ornate frame to my yard sale list!

This week, again up and at the neighborhood sale by 8 and I scored a Waterford vase!! since it was in the neighborhood, Ernie and Diesel came too! I got all the way home and went back for a pampered chef stone (I broke mine - FYI - they are not meant to broil on!) We also went to Wine in the Woods this year in Columbia - two words - Never Again! The lines were terrible, just not my scene. Glad I finally got to go - and check it off my list.

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