Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat Tally!

7:04 est 3 trick or treaters so far - 2 - 8 year olds with unidentifiable costumes - 1 non speaking say 2.5 year old as an autumnal fairy! 0 candy for me!
7:16 est my neighbor knocked just to be annoying - and then I had to push her away for Bat Girl age 8 ish to knock!
7:26est A BOY! - very scary but no mask and a little pocahantas girl! SO CUTE!

So what have I been up to! Well last Friday was the annual EA event. We had amazing speakers including Willie Jolley who if you ever have the chance to hear him, I highly recommend! Which brings me to motivational speakers - I LOVE THEM! I love being reminded that I have the power within myself to make a difference in the world. I love being reminded to aim higher, try harder, I love hearing stories of people who despite all the odds succeed, or change the world, or just don't coast through life. His one resounding message was that no matter what you do for a living, make it your honor to do your work. This job of yours is your life work. Make it the very best that you can. I need to be reminded of that - every day!

Saturday I love power due to the wind storms in the Northeast! Guess what power is pretty important. I literally went to bed at 6:15 at night cause there was nothing else to do! Power came back on around 10:45 pm. Three hours - it felt like a LIFETIME! a lifetime!

Then Sunday time became this very obscure losing and gaining hours depending on where I was and what clock I checked. I used my extra hour to do some laundry. Then I headed out to the Scrapbook Yardsale which was awesome. I got some great stuff - cheap prices.

Then I headed to a decorator showhouse which was awesome. I love decorator showhouses not for the ideas so much (cause usually my whole house could fit in their three car garage) but more because I love to see the unique ideas, I love the bathrooms! That is the very best part - a living room is a living room but show me a cool bathroom and I am jealous!

Then I had dinner at CPK and headed home! Sunday was very productive and very fun! I love falling back. It makes getting up earlier easier for a couple of days.

Still 0 candy for me!

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browneyedgirl said...

Hey Chickie,
still no candy for you? I've been pigging out, and it's not even Grace's candy. I was bad and bought several bags of Halloween candy eventhough we never get trick or treaters here...how bad is that?
Anxiously awaiting your next update...