Sunday, October 22, 2006

Black Tie Affair

Well now I understand how people can go five days without updating their blogs! I mean these are people with husbands, children etc. But I have a good reason! Thursday I went to an awards dinner which was black tie - sorry no photos. I went with a good friend Luann and it ended up that we dressed alike - sort of. Tealish tops and Black bottoms. It was held at the Ritz and the food was FABULOUS!!

Friday I volunteered at church. I watch the kids during the friday night program. I had four little girls ages 3-5. I love starting off the weekend this way. Little kids remind you of what is important. When I remind them to share - it reminds me to share. When I remind them to be nice - it reminds me to be nice.

And yesterday I ran around all day getting ready for the Imagination Stage Gala. I ended up changing my ensemble at the last minute cause I found the cutest skirt at Last Call. There was a photographer there so I'll post pics when I get them. The show was amazing - the kids are so cute and talented. I love spending time at that place. So glad that this years Gala was part of my life. And their gift shop has the cutest stuff! If you are ever in the Bethesda area, I urge you to catch a show.

So you see that was two black tie events in three days! I think that is a pretty good excuse.

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browneyedgirl said...

I can't wait to see what you ended up wearing. My weekend's been kind of slow. Working to finish my CJ and volleyball with dinner afterwards at a new diner called Bob's Burger & Brew. So we got home kinda late last night too.
Good to see you update though...