Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Project Runway FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after what seems to be the longest running show - I swear season 3 started about 4 years ago - is coming to an end tonight. Just in case you are not a Bravo junkie - I'll give you a brief update. There are 4 contestants left in the fashion designer reality (and I use the term reality lightly). First is Jeffrey whom I lovingly referred to as Tattoo Neck. Now in the beginning he was just not my favorite - but one episode showed him with his kid - and it really made him much more likable. Next is Laura who is a very classic talbot woman who pops out a lot of kids and pulls off some serious necklines (like J Los green dress necklines). Next is Uli whose specialty is flowing and prints and I really think her items are items that are wearable. Finally is Micheal who in the beginning I thought yeah he is okay - but he really proved himself. And the best part is he is a really really likable guy. Honestly I am rooting for any one of them. OOH OOH ten o clock EST - gotta go watch the finale!!!!!!!!!!! Can you feel the excitement in the air??


browneyedgirl said...

I can't believe you watch this show too! I got sooo hooked on this. I can't stand Heidi Klum though, she's so mean! I just had to check to make sure the show was recording, it is, so I will watch it in the AM. I have a volleyball game in an hour and then off to the hot tub. Don't tell me who won....!


Pegomh said...

My brother got me hooked on PR and I didn't have a super favorite but I can't stand the tattoos on TN - they are nasty. I don't think he should have won - Uli had the best runway collection. I like Michael probably the most. I don't see how Laura could have done it with a baby... that just wouldn't have been right. Does that make me sexist?