Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NY Bound!

I leave tomorrow for a fun, friend, scrapbook, shopping, Tinsel Trading, Wicked weekend - (do you love the alliteration?) I am a little nervous about this trip. There are a lot of transportation logistics. And really the typical NY thing is to walk everywhere but I am six months pregnant. Of course, I am not packed yet so tonight and tomorrow morning will be a mad dash. I still have my swaps to finish. I just hope my friends give me a by - that I did the best I could to arrange a lovely weekend. I'll report back next week with lots of pictures and I know that we will have fun.

Just say a prayer that I have a safe and stress-free trip.


Peggy Houston, TX said...

Enjoy! Wish I was going with you - what's not to love about scrap friend time... it's ALL good!

Shelley said...

Will miss joining all of you girls!!! Have a great time!!!

M*J*C said...

I finally got caught up on your blog!!! First of all, hope you are having a fabulous and safe trip in NYC!
It looks like you had a beautiful surprise baby shower!!! How sweet is that!?!?
I'm so happy to hear that everything is well with your pregnancy!!! I just can't wait for the little girl to get here!!!