Friday, December 28, 2007

The ornament swap

The rest of the photos are forthcoming! Does this count as an update??

This year I decided to host an ornament swap with all my friends. I sent out an email and invited everyone to participate. It was a 5 for 5 swap - which means you send me 5 ornaments that you create and I send you back 5 different ornaments from other people (this math has confused a LOT of people don't ask me why it works it just does!) Luckily only 10 people said yes and this was a truly awesome swap - I loved each one and of course I adore everyone that participated. First was my girl Kristin from Staten Island - I love talkin' NY wit her. She made the 3D stars. SEE

Then my wonderful and talented friend Amy (you know she owns Inspireco) and we were so lucky to have her join the swap. Do you see how great the packaging is on those babies?

My dear friend Trish - she and I have been stampin and scrappin together for about 6-7 years - she joined us and made this lovely glittery angel.

Susan from NY sent this awesome ornament.

The sisters fabulous - Coree and Babs - sewed the cutest gingerbread man - love him with the quilted fabric - and this filled tussie mussie - is that thing gorgeous or what.

Becca dressed up some snowflakes with chenille and glitter.

Sunny - what a fantasic idea - made little mini books - I can't wait to put pictures in mine and put picttures in them.

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Kath W said...

Love everyone's ornaments! Gave me a few ideas for next Christmas.