Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Am I the last person in the craft world to see this?

So my friend Amy emails me and mentions this shopping site Bayberry Cove. So I check it out and fall madly in love with it and want to buy at least one of everything. Then while checking out blogs this week, EVERYONE mentions I bought this at Bayberry Cove and I bought this at Bayberry Cove and I have to think where on earth was I the day they announced that Bayberry Cove was the place to shop?!?!?! But now I know.

In other news, I now have wireless at my house. I know big deal so does everyone in the free world. But I am so happy to lie in bed and check emails and I am already thinking about laying out next summer and surfin the net.

Christmas shopping - tonight I am heading to The Mall in Columbia to get a few things crossed off my list. So excited for the Laurel House Tour with Natalie and Adam on Saturday. It is always so cool to see how real people decorate their homes for the holidays. I always get a cool new idea.

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browneyedgirl said...

Hey, you're alive and blogging. Good to see. I miss you,