Thursday, May 03, 2007

Of note!

So this you tube thing - it is great! Today I watched Tuesday nights gilmore girls episode. Now I know that I gave up cable because I did not like the direction that they were going with that show. But still I am drawn to those girls - they are like family to me. (I am very aware as to how pathetic this all sounds!) So back to the episode. LOGAN is going to ask RORY to marry him! And Loralei will always love Luke - wow who figured that out - NASA?

OK so I have some questions - 1. Whatever happened to Lane's dad? 2. What about Emily - was she hatched or something, where is her family, brothers, sisters, a mother?

Oh and another thing, the queen is visiting VA this week? so when someone asks you why you are doing something (special or crazy or whatever) tell them its cause the Queen is in town? How often can you say that?

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